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australia chapter 1

an enormous land

Núria Pons

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of australia chapter 1

An enormous land Australia Australia is very big, it is 7,686,848
square kilometres. And there are hills and big
dry salt lakes. Is hot and dry too. There, in Desember is
summer and
in June is winter. There are 2.6 people to
every square kilometre - One of the
lowest numberin the world. Australia it's an area
of low and flat land. lowest The highest mountain
is Mount Kosciuszko
( 2.228 m) Temperature is often 35 º C. Two-thirds of the century,
mostly in the centre and the west,
is desert. There are some big rivers,
like the Murray - Darling. Australia has got a population of 20 milion people.
most of them live in the coast,
in the south. THE END
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