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Ch. 18 Sec. 4 A New Wave of Immigration

No description

jeremy wold

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of Ch. 18 Sec. 4 A New Wave of Immigration

Old and New
5 million new immigrants came in the 1880's
1. Economic opportunities
2. Escaping war
3. Escaping religious persecution
Ellis Island
Immigrants from Europe had to go to immigration processing centers
Ellis Island

opened in 1892 in New York Harbor

Opposition to Immigration
Garment and steel factories in cities
Many also worked in construction
Fear of losing jobs to immigrants
- group of American citizens against immigrants
Chinese Exclusion Act
banned Chinese people from coming to America for 10 years
Passed by President #21 Chester B Arthur who replaced President #20 James Garfield after he was assassinated
Mexican Immigrants
Came in the late 1800's
Most settled in the Southwest
Found work on railroads, construction, steel mills, mines, or large farms
Ch. 18 A New Wave of Immigration
EQ: Why did immigrants come to America, what types of work did they find, and how did people respond?
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