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Steroid Prezi

No description

Jeremy Sanville

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Steroid Prezi

Steroids By Jeremy Sanville Forms of Steroids Steroids come in powder, pills and injectable liquid, much like other drugs such as Heroine, Cocaine, and Crack. Steroid side effects The side effects are very drastic for Men and Women alike. Men turn into Women Women turn into Men. Men's hair grow long and some other "unpleasant things" happen. Women grow facial hair and even more "unpleasant things" Don't do Steroids girls!! More side effects There are more side effects to Steroids that are less drastic then the previous side effects they are however very disgusting and weird. They include premature balding, vomiting, and mood swings. Disease risk For the Steroid users that use syringes the risk for disease is very high because by buying syringes from strangers that aren't medical certified the chance of those syringes being dirty or used is extremely high. Do you want this in your body? Including deepness of voice Steroid using athletes Some athletes including Lance Armstrong, Rafael Palmeiro, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have done Steroids. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a body builder before he was an actor. Lance Armstrong Ralph Palmeiro Arnold Swarzenegger THANKS FOR WATCHING Don't do Steroids!!!!! What are Steroids? Steroids are a synthetic substance that simulate the male hormone Testosterone. How Steroids are Addictive Continuous Steroid users tend to continue to do that drug despite their physical problems. First time Steroid users are not addicted right away Then they are so pleased with the results that they continue to do it. Then that person turns into a continuous Steroid user and THEY are the addicted people. Legal consequences The legal consequences of Steroid use is a one way ticket to the slammer!!. Steroids are an illegal drug, you will be arrested for doing them. Ways to quit The best way to quit Steroids is to receive professional help. Whether that is a treatment clinic, a therapist, ect. Review time!!!!! 1.) What do Steroids do to girls? 2.) Is the "Cold Turkey" method the best way to quit smoking? 3.) How many types of Steroids are there? Answer key 1.) Turn them into guys 2.) No 3.) 3
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