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Career Shadowing '10

Career Shadow '10 Nate Smith Arbor Tech

Blaze Rucker

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing '10

Career Shadowing '10 Nate Smith
Arbor Tech Nate Smith- Owner Trims and takes down trees Not a very big buisness (property wise) but know throughout lakeland Only has 2 trucks, one loader and one boom Does have days where he doesn't get a tree to work on Need to be certified arborist My favorite part of the day was
when we got to see wat the trucks
were capable of I may pursue a career or some job
in that kind of category in the future Not much technology was
used in this job The purpose of Arbor Tech is
to do a good job on all jobs and
to maintain the happines of their
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