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Whitney Houston

No description

Tayler Johnson

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Tayler Johnson
Mrs. Gideon
F.O.K 4th
8 Oct. 2012 Childhood Becoming a Star Accomplishments Death Drove Her Away She was the first female artist to debut 1st on the U.S and U.K’s album charts, in doing this she also hit number 1 on several other countries album charts. At some point, she was the highest earning African-American woman and the second highest earning African-American after Bill Cosby. . Houston performed the “Star-Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl XXV, and VH-1 listed the performance as the 12th greatest moment the rocked television.
http://mybigcampus.com/bundles/whitney-houston---79364 She married New Edition singer Bobby Brown.
She had one child with him, Bobbi Kristina, in the March of 93’. Around this time her drug use began, and by 96’ she was a daily user. Her drug abuse was starting to take its toll on her mind and her body. People were starting to see a change in Houston, she was moody, difficult to work with, and when she arrived and participated at rehearsals she was “out of it.”
Her weight was fluctuating, she was getting the hot flashes, and covered in sweat. The worst thing that happened to Houston in this time was the fact that her voice was beginning to fail her. She was admitted into rehab twice once in 2010 when she declared herself drug-free and then returned in 2011. On the weekend of her death Houston was planning to attend the 54th Grammy Awards and the after party Clive Davis always through after the Grammy’s. Houston was found in her bathtub, submerged under water on the night before the Grammy's. Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. The autopsy stated the Houston had passed out due to prescription pills and since she was sitting in the bathtub she sunk underwater and drowned. Many people were devastated by the fact the Houston hadn't lived a very long life and was just gone like that. Houston’s funeral was held at the New Hope Baptist church in Newark, New Jersey on Saturday, 18 February 2012. After the ceremony, Houston was laid to rest beside her father at the Fairview cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey (Whitney Houston). Why is she important? Houston was born in Newark, New Jersey (1963). She was the youngest of three children. Joined her church choir at the New Hope Baptist Church. In Houston’s teenage years her parents got divorced. Around the age of 15, Houston was discovered by a photographer she stared to model. One night while Houston was singing at a night club Clive Davis, famed talent discoverer, was awed by Houston’s talent, beauty, and likeable personality. After Houston finished performing he signed her to his record label on the spot. Ever since that day Clive Davis was in love with Houston and could see the potential she brought to the table.
Whitney’s music could make sad, it could make you want to jump up and bust a move, or it could simply make you smile. She asked the questions that you were thinking about, she knew just how to connect with her audience. Most of the artist that have come out in recent years said that they looked up to Whitney and said that is who I want to be when I grow up. People adored Houston for her talent, her ability to be down to earth, and the way she could be fierce when she wanted to be.
http://mybigcampus.com/items/whitney-houston-i-look-to-you---2102720?ve10c2380-75c5-012f-5f3c-165a96a07646# Mom Dad Cissy Houston John Houston Clive Davis and Whitney Houston A tribute wall for Houston in a mall, in the Philippines. Bobbi Kristina Bobby Brown
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