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the world's most bizarre traditions

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ozlem çolak

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of the world's most bizarre traditions

the world's most bizarre traditions
Forty days before the pascal,people who live in Ponti,eat an omlette wich made from thousand eggs.

If a girl wants to get married.She has to weigh sixty kg at least and hundred kg at most.Also they're punished if they reject goining weight and want to stay lean.

It may be Iceland's even the worlds weirdest law.Its not allowed to feed dogs in ıcleand.
Everyone wears white dresses in a festival called "holi"

Its farbidden for women to show their feet.

In scotland one night before the wedding the bride stis omong the family members and gets everyone to wash her feet.Meaning of this tradition is married cumple can take good steps in marriage.

Thailand :

Thailand Kingdom family speaks a completely different angvage.So what they speak about is entirely private.

Bullfighting,tomato festivals.Tomato festivals are arraged in every August.

Sout Afrika:
The more relationship mem have with women the
better it is.
Peaple still arrange duals is this country.
China:The bridegroom side meet on astrolog before the wedding and ask him questions about them.As well as white wedding dress,the bride has to cover her face with a red veil and wear red shoes.People dont get married in the last 15 days of the seven month.They believe that the doors of the hell are opened at that time.
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