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Florida Geography

No description

Chelsea Keathley

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of Florida Geography

Florida geography
Why is Florida the best state ever? Let's take a closer look!
Florida is on the bottom half of North America, which means it is closest to the equator. The closer you are to the equator, the hotter it is!
Florida is also surrounded by water on 3 sides! This means Florida has beaches wherever you go and since we are so close to the equator, it is almost always hot enough to go to the beach!
The shape of Florida is called a peninsula, which is why we have water on almost all sides of the state!
If you go to the Florida Keys, you will eventually run into the most southern point of the United States! This means that Florida is the most southern point of the United States before you hit ocean for miles!
Florida is also one of the flatest states in the United States! You can see the road for miles without any hills or mountains!
(This picture won't flip the other way)
FUn fact: Florida has some of the best fishing in the united STates!
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