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How to draw an anime face by Miyon Kim

No description

Miyon Kim

on 27 February 2012

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Transcript of How to draw an anime face by Miyon Kim

Hair How to Draw an Anime Face Outline of the Face Step 1: Lightly draw a circle
in the middle of your paper Step 2: Lightly draw a cross in the middle of the circle.
Have the vertical line go 2-3 cm past bottom of circle Step 3: Draw curves as such to draw
the forehead temple and cheeks Step 4: Repeat steps 2 & 3
for the otherside of face Step 5: Lightly draw a horizontal line about 3-4cm above and below the first horizontal line you drew. Drawing the Contents of the Face *Be sure to connect the lines with the bottom of
the vertical line as a curve to create the chin* Step 1: Draw a curved line just
below the 1st horizontal line Step 2: Draw another curved line 1cm below the middle horizontal line Step 1: Have plenty of workspace,
pencils, erasers, and white paper Step 3: Draw a line connecting the
two curved lines you had drawn Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3
for other eye Step 5: In the outline of the eye,
draw 2 curved lines about 3cm apart
from each other. This will be the iris Step 6: Repeat step 5 Step 7: Draw a half circle connecting
to the upper line of the eye and right
line of the iris on both eyes Step 8: Draw a line in between but slightly below the eyes.
This will be the nose Step 9: Start to erase the
lightly drawen lines.
EXCEPT for the top of the circle. Step 10: Draw a circle connecting to the "light" of the eye and color it in.
This will be the pupil. Step 11: Draw a short curved
line 2-4cm above the eye.
This will be the eyelid Step 12: Draw a long curved line
3-5cm above the eyelid.
This will be the Eyebrow Step 13: 3-5cm below
the nose, draw the mouth There are many kinds Just keep on practicing! DEMONSTRATION! :D The End! Step 1: Draw the hair 3-5cm
above the lightly drawn circle After you draw the hair erase
any unnecessary lines Good Luck! :D By Miyon Kim
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