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Zebra Mussel

No description

Sukhmeet Hundal

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Zebra Mussel

Zebra Mussel
what is a zebra mussel and invasive specie?

An invasive specie could be an animal specie or a plant. It was once native to a part of the world but somehow it got traveled to another destination.For example crawling into someones luggage or even a human taking it on purpose with them. A invasive specie could be negative to the economy, and biodiversity. A zebra mussel is an small freshwater clam and an example of a invasive specie that is in Ontario.

What are the Characteristics of a zebra mussel?
How and When did it get to Ontario?
Where did it come from?
where is it currently distributed
What impact does it have on ontarios biodiversity?
An invasive specie
What impact does it have on Ontario's economy?
What can you do to help prevent it from spreading?

It is native to the lakes of southern Russia and Ukraine.
It is currently distributed in Quebec, Ontario, and 20 american states.
Zebra mussels filter the water to much to the point where other animals such as plankton die off. This affects the food web because animals that rely on the plankton have less food and it can slowly affect humans.When they filter water the water becomes clearer which makes sunlight go deeper and it increases the growth of aquatic vegetation and also is bad for light sensitive fish. It also increases toxic algal blooms which can be harmful to the health of environment animals and plants effecting fish and wildlife. Recreational activities such as swimming can become dangerous because they have a sharp shell that can cut swimmers feet.
Did you know $800,000 was spent on power plants to control the zebra mussel.It also clogs water intake pipes.It cause $3 billion damage to the great lakes region! A Michigan town lost water for 3 days after zebra mussels clogged the water intake pipe.Michigan spent $5 million in the past 4 years to stop it from spreading!
In 1986 an european cargo ship was going to Sarnia Ontario. Some water was emptied into St Clair, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. A few zebra mussels were spotted.
We can help zebra mussels from spreading in many ways.
We can look at our boat and equipment after each use of it being in the water if the equipment went in the water. Next, we can remove plants, animals, and mud after moving to another body of water so the zebra mussel does not come to that area and reproduce. We can rinse out all recreational equipment with high pressure and let it fully dry off. If you ever find a zebra mussel call 1-800-563-7711. Or you could go online and report it. This is what you could to to help prevent zebra mussels from spreading.
What is in place to control zebra mussels.
To control zebra mussels there are things being done.Since 2006 all the ships going into the great lakes must flush their ballast tanks with salt water.
Thank you for listening to my presentation on zebra mussel.
Characteristics of a zebra mussel are really fast growth, reproduce fast, and they can split off of there group causing them to go in different bodies of water and invading other parts.They can grow up to 2 inches and live for 5 years.THey have stripes like zebras and they sticky threads that make them able to stick to things.
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