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By Katie Sanzone

Katie Sanzone

on 30 September 2011

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Transcript of Chile!

What can you SEE in Chile? Chile has many attractions that attract people from all over the world. Some people may come to see the Torres del Paine, the Andes Mountain, Chile's Centural Valley, Chiles Northern Dessert Region ect. People also come for the famous museums and restaurants in Chile like the De Renato and the Bellas Artes Museum. My Chile Poster By Katie Sanzone White= Progress and honor
Red= Blood of heros
Blue= The sky
White= Snow of the Andes What can you HEAR in Chile? In Chile you can hear alot of things you don't hear here in America. In Chile you can hear native animals like the chinchilla, mountain viscacha, or llama.You can also hear the famous music of Américo or Rosita Serrano and more. What can you Taste in Chile? What can you TOUCH in Chile? In Chile you can feel the sand in between your toes at the beaches, you can feel the rugged rocks of the Andes Mountain, you can smim in Chiles Smooth waters ect.
Vina del Mar Beach and Coastline With Chiles wide variety of landscapes and oceans ect., Chile has a vast range of food and drink. Some of these foods include the empanada de queso, (which s a typical turnover filled with cheese) congrio frito, (which is a deep fried conger eel) or a alfajor, a Chilean dessert. (which a flat round pastry filled with manjar and covered in Chocolate) What can you SMELL in Chile? In Chile you can smell the fresh fish being pulled out from the coastline, and the Acaena ovalifolia (type of flower) blowing in the breeze. You can also smell the sweet smell of alfajor (noted in: What can you TASTE in Chile?) being pulled out of the oven. Two of Chile's major exports are copper and fruit. Chile's form of government is Republic The capital of Chile is Santiego and its population is 2006 people. The national dance of Vhile is the cueca (short for zamacueca). The current president of Chile is Sebastian Piñera Echeñique. Hes been in office since the 11th of March, 2010. A famous Chilean holiday is Dia de la Raza or the Columbus Day and is celebrated on october 12th. Chile Flag Chile Map
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