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Project Closure

No description

Pablo Cid

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Project Closure

The Project Life Cycle Planning Executing Delivering Defining start time end Project Closure A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.
Scott Allen Project Closure is a process that occurs whether a project is successful or not.
The Aim of the Closure process is:
To cease the project at All leves with
Minimum Administrative Dislocation
The Closure Process is heavily influenced by
The parent Organization's structure Project Termination Modes Normal - A project that ends normally is the one that is completed as planned.
Premature - A project may be pushed to complete early even though the system may not include all the envisioned features or functionality.
Perpetual - Some projects seem to taken on a "life or their own" and are know as runaway or perpetual projects. Project Termination Modes Failed - Unsuccessful Project.

Changed Priority - Financial or economic reasons may dedicate that resources are no longer available to the project Four Varieties of Project Termination Starvation Addition Integration Extinction (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Varieties of Termination It has successfully complete its Scope that has been accepted by the Client.
It has Failed.
It has been Superseded by external developments.
It no longer has sufficient Support of Senior Management Some Many Few Termination by Extinction The project becomes a formal part of the Parent Organization.
Facilities Transition (cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr Termination by Addition Termination by Integration Successfully completed Project
The Project assets are distributed to and adsorbed by the Parent Termination by Starvation Withdrawal of “life support”
Can save “face,” avoid embarrassment, evade admission of defeat Project Termination Activities Project Termination Activities Termination Documentation Financial Close out The Client Ensure Completion of Work Project Records Support Release Sources (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr copy paste branches if you need more.... Close out all work authorities and contracts.
Including all sub-contractor activities. Notify client of product completion.
Ensure delivery and installation is accomplished.
Obtain format client acceptance Settle outstanding accounts receivable and payable.
Especially client payments. Post implementation audit.
Final report. Release/reassign personnel as their planned activity ceases
Distribute other resources appropriately Collate
Ensure delivery and installation is accomplished
Oversee final disposition Determinate ongoing support requirements.
Assign responsibilities. Post Implementation Audit Final Report... Example... Project Terminal Documentation Establish the true status of the project with respect to its planned status.
If implementation has occurred the planned status project objective is achieved. should be a repository of wisdom gained.
It is a commentary not a evaluation Headings Project Summary Project Performance Administrative Performance Final Report Headings Final Report Documentation Project description
Quality Objectives Compare proposal to post implement audit.
Comment on deviations. Headings Organizational Structure Project and Administrative Teams Techniques of Project Management How did structure impede and/or speed Confidential comments on performance of individuals and teams in the project environment Planning
Resource allocation and Control Reading Youll D P, Making Software Development Visible:E ective Project Control. Wiley 1990.
Montgomery D C, Introduction to Statistical Quality Control. 3rd edition, Wiley, 1996.
Thamhain H J, Best Practices for Controlling TechnologyBased Projects. Project Management Journal, 1996.
Keil m, Pulling the Plug: Software Project Management and The Problem of Project Escalation. MIS Quarterly, 1995, 42-1 7.
Buttrick R, The interactive Project Workout. Prentic-e Hall
Larson, Gray, Project Management: The managerial Process 4e, Mc Graw-Hill PROJECT CLOSURE by Pablo Cid Costumer Questions??!! Gracias!!
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