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Love? Maybe.

No description

abby konozsi

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Love? Maybe.

Main characters:
Rising Action
* Piper, Jillian, and Claire
come up with "The Plan".
By: Heather Hepler
Love? Maybe.

~Piper's school
~ Jan's candy shop
~ month of February
Main Conflict:
* very supportive girl
* born on Valentine's Day
* doesn't believe in love
* hard worker
Ben Donovan
* Piper's boyfriend
* most popular guy in school
* most likeable person

* very shy
* heartbroken
* one of piper's best friends
* outgoing
* flirty one
* one of piper's best friends
* Piper and Jillian try
to cheer up Claire after
her hard break up that she can't get over with.
Rising Action
* Piper goes on a date with Ben Donovan
* Piper, Jillian, Claire, and Jan the candy man make Consternation hearts to go with "The Plan".
Rising Action
* Consternation hearts are a big seller at Jan's candy shop
* The three girls get the boys on their list to try the Consternation hearts because of "The Plan".
Piper doesn't believe in love which makes it harder to find a date before Valentine's Day to go along with the plan.
Piper falls in love with the most popular guy in school that she never knew she would.
Falling Action
* "The Plan" is coming together
* Piper goes on a date with Ben Donovan
Falling Action
* Jan's candy shop get asked to be interviewed on TV.

* Piper, Jillian, and Jeremy (one of Piper's friends) get interviewed for the show
Falling Action
* Piper finds out she has a secret valentine that leaves stuff in her locker and that gave her heart pizza.
* Piper goes to Umlaut event with friends and Ben Donovan
Piper stays friends with Ben. She finally calls her father after not talking to him in years. Jillian admits she never liked Charlie which makes Piper feel a lot better. All the girls figure out who was leaving stuff in Piper's locker. Lastly, Charlie admits he likes Piper and they start dating.
abby konozsi
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