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Science Project

No description

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Science Project

Eduardo Valladarez
Science Project
For example:
The deer pushes on the ground to make it jump forward
The ice skater pulls his leg acroos the floor to make him go forward
The cannon ball shoots forward causing the cannon to move back.
The octopus is a member of the Cephalopod group. Which is a type of marine animal that has a special organ from which they shoot water at high rates. This jet of wate propels their body forward. How does this animal's method of transportation demonstrate the third law of motion?

This demonstrates the third law of motion because when the octopus propels the jet of water out it creates a force that pushes the octopus forward.
Balanced forces keep this boy in place on his chair. What are the two equal and opposite forces occurring here?

While the boy is sitting on the chair it creates a force downward on the chair and therefore the chair takes it and gives off the equal amount of force. So while he is putting force downward the chair is putting the same force upward.
Newtons 3rd Law of Motion
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction or forces occur in action and reaction pairs.

The oars push back
To make the boat go forward
Action force
Reaction force
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