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So You Want to be a Librarian...Now What?

Tips from a Newly Hired Information Professional

Claire Sewell

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of So You Want to be a Librarian...Now What?

Start small. . . Along the path to success... So You Want to be a Librarian...
Now What? Tips from a Newly Hired
Information Professional Claire Sewell
(AKA the person least
likely to be giving this
presentation) It's not "why," but HOW. Getting used to promoting yourself Be open to new opportunities and unexpected career paths. "Be the change you want to see in the world" --Ghandi UNT All School Day, April 21, 2012 Think back to your first day of grad school, to that first day in SLIS 5600 or 5000. Or, recall the first time you spoke to someone from UNT about the program. How did you feel? Introduce yourself to at least one
person today and at future
conferences and events. Not just
for networking purposes, but to
practice speaking about yourself
professionally. We all know why we want to be librarians and information professionals, or we wouldn't be here today.

The real challenge--should you choose to accept it--lies in HOW.

How will you show others that you believe in our
profession? Crafting a unique web presence LinkedIn is a good place to start, but
how about your very own resume
It's an easy and fun way to showcase & organize your strengths!
Also, consider making networking cards. This may seem like the hardest part, but it doesn't have to be....
Keep your favorite and most meaningful projects in mind.
Class assignments, papers, and presentations can count, too! Again, be sure to let people know not just
what you're doing but how! Engage your audience by talking about ideas
that you have in common. Thoughts become ideas which can become
projects. . . Volunteer and consider contract work, especially while still in school. Think of your time in library school like a path
up a mountain: you can make it to the top!
Feel free to use my tips, but also don't be afraid
to find your own way.
Pinpoint the strengths and abilities that make
you stand out and continue to highlight
them in every instance. Remember: information science needs
people who believe not only in the
profession but in themselves. -- Just say "yes." -- Get involved with student organizations and
TLA, and stay engaged! If at first you trip over your words,
try and try again! Hint: just ask! Why so serious? Just be yourself! That time I said the Dewey Decimal System is
"super fun". . . in an interview!
You have the ability to make your dream job happen. For me, it was a combination
of preparation, being involved, & staying
positive during the job hunt.
But you must demonstrate HOW your unique skill set will help information science...
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