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Helmi business gollege

No description

Santeri Metsola

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Helmi business gollege

Helmi Business Gollege
In Helmi We have differents educations

- Travel Services Sales and information of Travel
is an effective and reasonable route to multiple occupations in Travel services

- Sportsdual
is for those, who enjoy physical exercise and yet aim to matrucaliton exam and same time want to learn a vocation by doing

Dual Qualitifactions
is three year combination course of a three year vocational upper secondary qualitifaction and three year matriculation examination.

Sport business
its same than customer service and marketing, but sport business include morning exercises

Customer Services/Marketing/Sales
Work is usually customer service orientated operating with people e.g. product and service sales.
Helmi business gollege located in Malmi, Latokartanontie 12.

Our school has about 1000 students and 80 teachers/other personnel.

Helmi provides full-time and part-time level business and rourisem education to young people and adult with either the post-comprehensive level backgrounds.
Helmi is vocational institution established in 1957.

We offer comprehensive school and matriculation examination based education in Business and Administration and Travel Industry.
Helmi Business & Travel College is the most successful educator of business and travel in Helsinki metropolitan area. We are known of our verstatile and inspring vocational pedagogy and athmosphere, which generates well-being.
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