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Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in Advertising

Rhetorical analysis of commercials.

Laura Roycroft

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in Advertising

Rhetorical Analysis of Ads
Review: What are the rhetorical appeals?
Video: Persuasive Techniques in Advertising
Video questions
: Appeal to ethics or credibility of the speaker
: Appeal to emotions of the audience
: Appeal using logic and/or reasoning
1) What do advertisers try to do when they use pathos?
2) What is the most common use of pathos?
3) ____ ____, ____ ____, & ____ ____ are all types of ethos in advertising.
4) Voice overs in ads giving practical information about health benefits is what type of appeal?
1) Advertisers try to
evoke emotions

using pathos.
2) The most common use of pathos is
the promise of being attractive to the opposite sex.
Real people
expert testimonials
, &
celebrity endorsements
are all types of ethos in advertising.
4) Voice overs in ads giving practical information about health benefits is an appeal using
Ethos example
Ethos, Pathos, & Logos in Advertising
Pathos Example
Logos Example
What kinds of appeals do these examples use?
the celebrity endorsement
Use the video to complete the video questions handout.
Wrap Up
Three rhetorical appeals: ethos (credibility), logos (logic), and pathos (emotion).
Advertisers often use more than one of the rhetorical appeals to persuade their audience to buy a product, use a service, or support their cause.
: As you are watching commercials over the next few days, try and figure out the main appeal the advertiser is using to convince their audience and evaluate their effectiveness. What types of appeals are you noticing the most? On what TV stations?
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