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Collaborative learning and communities

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Anna Wach-Kakolewicz

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Collaborative learning and communities

Topic 3 Goals
At the end of Topic 3 participants will be able to:
understand the concept of Collaborative Learning
know the benefits of collaborative learning for our students
identify the challenges of implementing/using collaborative learning
understand the importance of designing collaborative learning activities
know what influences students' motivation and engagement in online learning
understand the role of the community in collaborative learning
understand what is required by me as a member of an ONL group
learn enough to use Prezi (create an account in Prezi)
What is Collaborative Learning?
learning together in a group
learning with help from the community
learning from each other
is an educational method where two or more students work together to learn something.

The Student
taking responsibility for their own learning as well as the groups learning
having an open-minded attitude about new learning experiences
accountability to their fellow students
let students explore and share… give them responsibility and freedom
at the same time, the teacher should be available and should monitor what is going on.
know when to give a push in the right direction and when to step back a little as a teacher
Collaborative Learning and Communities
Online Courses
ONL 151 - PBL 4

Collaborative Learning!
What are the benefits of collaborative learning?

I'm disoriented and don't understand what is required of me in collaborative learning
Scenario 1
Our question!
How should learning activities be designed in order to motivate students for participation?
Community vs.
Community is more than just a network

Building a community involves
being connected (existing within a network)
identifying with each other as a group
building a community identity
finding internal forms of interaction

The Teacher - Structure
creator and facilitator of learning activities
knowledge of group processes
knowledge about how people learn
skills in designing the course according constructive alignment
digital literacy and technical support
The Teacher - Interaction
giving feedback and clear guidance
communicating expectations for students to students
use both group and individual assessment
"Social Network Analysis Visualization" by MartinGrandjean
When the teacher creates a learning environment that is structured and facilitates interaction, it will lead to a transparent process where students know what is expected and can focus on learning outcomes. This leads to a feeling of meaningfullness.
Motivated student
Brindley, J., Blaschke, L. M., & Walti, C. (2009). Creating effective collaborative learning groups in an online environment. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 10(3).

Capdeferro, N., & Romero, M. (2012). Are online learners frustrated with collaborative learning experiences?. The International review of research in open and distance learning, 13(2), 26-44.

Pérez-Mateo, M., Maina, M. F., Guitert, M., & Romero, M. (2011). Learner generated content: Quality criteria in online collaborative learning. European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning.

Wenger, E. (2010). Communities of practice and social learning systems: the career of a concept. In Social learning systems and communities of practice(pp. 179-198). Springer London.
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