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Cross-border healthcare in the EU

Group 1D

Eva Schöttl

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Cross-border healthcare in the EU

Group 1D Cross-border healthcare
in the EU Who seeks healthcare abroad? EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and, beginning from July, 1st, Croatia

same treatment under the same conditions and at the same cost as a citizen of that country European Health Insurance Card 30 % well informed about their
healthcare rights and their rights for reimbursement

For 45 %, lack of information =
main reason not to consult
health services (feared of higher costs) Results of the survey For 60 % the language barrier
represents a problem

For 20 % no problem -> medical tourism The language barrier lack of information (previous treatment or medication)

language barrier Problems indicated by
professional medicals official EU-wide information system

provision of general information on
national differences in hospital
policies or administrative procedures How can the situation be improved? visitors
retired people
people living in border areas
people in need of specialist services
medical tourism
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