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No description

sara larsen

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of VERBALS

Verbals What is a verbal? What are the three different kinds of verbals? gerunds hey(; mabryonline.org mabryonline.org grammar.about.com Examples: Running is a fun and healthy activity to do. Participles Participles usually function as adjectives and occasionally as adverbs. They usually end in -ed or -ing, expressing actions or state of being. heyyy(; When participles are being used a an adjective, the are usually found after the noun or pronoun. When they are used as adverbs, the are usually found after the verb in the sentence. ^ ^ There are two types of participles- present participles and past participles. ^ * Present participles end in -ing * Past participles end in -ed, -en, and -d *participle phrase Examples: HAYY(; Infinitives Ann opened the window to let the air in. ^ nouns used as verbs *I love swimming in a pool. *I swim in a pool. to... Ann is opening the window to let the air in. Going for a run is fun and healthy activity to do. I swim in a pool everyday. I love swimming in a pool everyday. ^ to + a verb ^ ^ Infinitives function as nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. They express actions and state of being. When the function as adjectives or adverbs, they usually follow the noun or pronoun in a sentence. When they function as nouns, the are the subjects, direct objects, and objectives of preposition. *infinitive phrase Examples: If Kate is to become ill, it she will miss school **It will look like a prepositional phrase, but is not** I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I want to swim in the lake, but its to cold. I needed to get better to go to the party. I saw the running water at the creek. Did you see the sneezing panda the other day? **participles are part of the noun** The freezing man waited for days for someone to rescue him. The bucking horse looked wiled. Bibliography http://www.docstoc.com/docs/112844866/Verbs-and-Verbals http://www.docstoc.com/docs/81619032/VERBALS-lecture How To Make A Prezi

*Go to www.prezi.com and click on the “Sign up” button (make sure to choose the package that’s free).
*Fill in the information need and click “Sign up”.
*Once it’s all loaded, click on “New Prezi”.
*Give your prezi a title and a description about it. After that, you have to pick what theme you want your prezi to be.
*Once that loads, if you look in the top left corner, you will see a large circle with smaller circles attached to it. That is you so-called toolbox.
*If you double click anywhere a text box will appear. This is where you would type your information. You can have multiple text boxes open and use them for different purposes.
*You can add links, videos, and images if you wish.
*Just keep going until you are done and satisfied with your end product. Verbals
^^verbals are nouns used as verbs^^

Gerunds act as a noun that always ends in –ing.

*Kameron goes running every morning to stay in shape.
*Sally is swimming in the lake.
*Carter went climbing last week.

Participles are part of the noun and are used to describe a noun. They end in –ing or –ed and express actions or a state of being.
*The freezing man waited days for someone to rescue him.
*The galloping horse raced across the meadow.
*The sneezing girl had to go to the doctor to see what was wrong.

^^to + a verb^^
Infinitives function as nouns, adjectives, and adverbs and are usually following the noun or pronoun in the sentence.
*I want to swim in the lake, but it’s to cold.
*I need to leave before I get sick.
*I need to eat quickly so I can get back to my work. Verbals Quiz

Directions: Tell weather the sentence has a gerund, participle, or infinitive in it.

1. Sally went jogging around the mall to stay in air conditioning.
2. I want to be a professional soccer player when I grow up.
3. The burning fire lasted for nine days.
4.Kameron went camping for a long weekend.

Directions: Match the correct term with the correct sayings.

Directions: Choose the best answer choice to complete the question.

9. All of the following are examples of participles but…
A) running water B) sneezing panda
C) bucking horse D) went running

10. What do “to swim”, “to leave”, and “to drink” have in common?
A) they are verbs B) they are participles
C) they are infinitives D) they are nouns Answer Key

10. C THE END(: Sara Larsen
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