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Daily Mail - Commercial Strategies Analysis, Competitive Environment

...in other words, why we'll never get rid of the Mail.

Ruxanda Josan

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Daily Mail - Commercial Strategies Analysis, Competitive Environment

Print Audience DMGT Stock Market Print Strategies MailOnline Scavanger
hunt Overlap Conclusions How to make money
off print consumer
market advertising market Ad rates weak
consumer advertising environment high
newsprint costs cover price content tradition circulation National Newspapers Red Tops Mid-market Tabloids Broadsheets Tabloids Online Audience UK rank: 34
Unique audience: 8,492,000
Active reach: 19.81% The MailOnline averages 4.5 million unique daily browsers and 79 million monthly browsers from over 50 countries.

Almost 100,000 visit the MailOnline’s iPhone app every day! The Strategy Source: Mediatel Source: DMGT Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) “All the websites in the world are candidates. The copy on your website is your campaign. Links to your website are votes. The more votes (links) a candidate (website) has, the more important it is and the higher it’s ranking.” - Murray, 2005 Not organic Source: Google Trends SEO is like an election... From nowhere to 79 million unique visitors a month in just five years! Online Competitors SEO thousand readers brand "No one captions a celebrity picture better than the Daily Mail" - BBC, 2012 All tabloids have high print readership,
but low online audience. EXCEPT Daily Mail! Detailed snippets encourage you to click through! £0.45 £0.45 "MailOnline Storms U.S" £0.50 £0.35 £0.55 £0.40 Source: Google The Daily Mail brand is at the forefront of newspapers that are starting to appeal to a much wider demographics by accommodating to each generation and their most used platforms. source: FT.com 7% 10% 4% Global data firm Comscore confirms MailOnline as the most read newspaper website in the world, while ABC figures revealed the site is the biggest in the UK with 42.9% overall share of visits to national newspapers! Older audience prefers traditional media. cover
price = no. of
readers exposure ad price / demand = = = units
sold Highly "sticky" homepage Advertising = "editorial excellence, dynamic, addictive content and a highly pictorial, easily navigable format underlie Mail Online's popularity." - DMGT, 2012 15-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Female Male "in touch with the hearts and minds
of Middle England" (DM) conservatives Errors Conjecture Misinformation Sources Science Facts Typical Daily Mail story Source: Comscore source: newurobonkers.com Scientific studies "Visitors to Dailymail.co.uk view 3.6 unique pages each day on average. The time spent in a typical visit to the site is about seven minutes, with two minutes spent on each page view" (Alexa.com) 2011 Orwelian prize for Journalistic Misinterpretation "Daily Hypochondriac"
"Daily Fail" AKA Caveat in Pararaph 19 light, easy to digest stories Puzzles feMail friendly history articles - Avoid over-advertising
(beware of Ad Blockers) - Diversify international revenue streams Source: Alexa.com Source: Comscore (Hoskins et al. 2004: 252-259) £978.000 £1.036.750 > > < > Online = main revenue? Technology allows for a much more accurate and in-depth understanding of online audience (easy to sell to advertisers) Exposure economy limits understanding of print audience (hard to sell audience to advertisers) Younger audience favours new media & technology - Reduce number of pages to cut newsprint costs "MailOnline showcases all that is best about British popular journalism. It is produced using traditional journalistic values and skills that are as old as Fleet Street itself and illustrates not just how its legacy can survive but how it can prosper as a world-beater in the digital age."
Martin Clarke, MailOnline publisher History of the Daily Mail by Vic & Rux
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