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Interactive Aarhus

for the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps

Cayo Fiebig

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Interactive Aarhus

Target groups & purpose
Potential students: brand the city of Aarhus as an interesting, vivid and enjoyable place to live and study
New students: facilitate the adaptation process of any newcomer
Enrolled students: help to reconnect with the city and to discover new places
Always have practical information just a click away
Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps
City-branding challenge
Copenhagen 17.11.2012

Jan-Cayo Fiebig, Juraj Pal, Iulia Ursa, Lakshmi Eassey, Katharina Frick,
Maelle Cattiaux

Thank you
for your attention!
P.S. Do not forget to like our Facebook Page!
Our target groups
Promote the website through Studenterlauget Newsletter

Reserve a stand at the universities’ student fair to create awareness
in the official admission e-mail

Promote our website in the Introduction Week

Include a newsletter in the welcome package

Send free postcards before arrival (travellerspoint.com)
in our 100 Partner Universities’ network

Connect with student blogs about Denmark (expatindenmark.com)

Use the Sino-Danish network to increase awareness of our website in China
Already enrolled students
Potential students
Potential Partnerships
cafe / bars /
Aarhus' museum
Idea can also be implemented in each YGWA city to strengthen the attractiveness of Denmark as a study destination!
Aarhus - Group 2
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