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Imagine Dragons

No description

GV Computer

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons
By Lauren Bachman
Ben McKee
Dan Reynolds
Dan Reynolds
Wayne Sermon
Daniel Platzman
Wayne Sermon is the guitarist for the band.
Wayne Sermon
Ben McKee plays bass.
Ben McKee
Dan Reynolds is the lead singer of Imagine Dragons. He was born on July 14, 1987, making him 26.
Daniel Platzman is the drummer in the band.
Daniel Platzman
Ryan Walker
The Beginning
Imagine Dragons was founded in 2008 by Dan Reynolds and Andrew Tolman, a drummer who Dan went to college with. Tolman then recruited his high school friend Wayne "Wing" Sermon. Tolman later recruited his wife Brittany to play keyboard and back vocals. Wayne then contacted Ben McKee, a friend from college, to play bass and complete the line up.
With Reynolds singling lead, Imagine Dragons won a competition called Battle of the Bands and other local competitions. The band members lived in Las Vegas, Reynolds' home town, where they recorded their first three EP albums.
The band released their first two EP albums in 2010, called Imagine Dragons EP and Hell and Silence EP. They went back to the studios in 2011 and completed another EP titled It's Time shortly before getting a record deal.
International Success
Early members Andrew and Brittany Tolman left the band in July 2011 and were replaced by current drummer Daniel Platzman, and Theresa Flaminio, who left the band in January 2012. Imagine Dragons were signed to major record label company Interscope Records in November of 2011.
The band released their Continued Silence EP in February 2012, and it was a big hit.
Continued Silence
It's Time to begin, isn't it?
The single "It's Time" was produced shortly after, also a huge success. It was nominated for several awards and was announced as a double platinum single.
Imagine Dragons finished recording their debut album Night Visions in summer 2012 and released it to the public on September 4, 2012.
Success with Night Visions
Night Visions peaked all the way to #2 on the Top 100 Billboard charts with first week sales of more than 83,000 copies, the highest sales record for rock music since 2006.
Second single Radioactive reached #1 on the Billboard charts and has sold more than five million singles in the United States alone. It spent more than a year consecutively on the Billboard Top 100.
Third single Demons reached #2 on the Billboard charts and has sold over one million copies in the US in the past year.
My Eyes are Where My Demons Hide
Night Visions Tour 2013
Imagine Dragons went on a world tour in 2013 singing songs from their Night Visions album. Almost all of the shows were sold out soon after the dates were released.
Encore at Jacob's Pavillion Nautica performance in Cleveland, Ohio on July 30, 2013.
Official breadtie necklace
Dan is being lifted up on cords from the ceiling.
Imagine Dragons EP
It's Time EP
The new single titled Monster came out on iTunes on September 19, 2013.
What's next?
Ryan Walker is only a touring member. He plays keyboard.
Ryan Walker
The End :)
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