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Unit 4.3 Transplant

No description

Joshua Koury

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Unit 4.3 Transplant

Unit 4.3 Transplant
4.3.6 Are All Transplants the Same?
What are the differences between a heart transplant and a kidney transplant?
Heart Transplants are more strict in who receives them
There are more criteria that need to be met to receive a heart transplant such as blood type and potential compliance with medication regimens
There are a lot more kidney donors as well as a lot more people who need kidneys (about 80,000) as opposed to 3,000 people waiting for kidneys
The actual procedure for a heart transplant is much more rigorous than a kidney transplant with operations lasting 7+ hours.
Similarities include the methods for controlling the immune system and the importance of constantly checking to see if the new organ is working correctly and is not being rejected or suffering from other complications.
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