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Do Now:

No description

Amy Swanson

on 5 February 2015

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Transcript of Do Now:

Do Now:
On the post-it on your desk, jot down two-three facts you already know about the Underground Railroad.
Learning Objectives
1. To work cooperatively to comprehend non-fiction reading.
2. To select the most important facts (central ideas) from a passage.
3. To represent facts and ideas symbolically/visually.
4. To present information to a group in a clear, concise, engaging and professional way.
Step 1: 20 minutes
With your partner, read the assigned pages and fill out the notes sheet.

Each person should choose one fact to illustrate and color neatly.

Each partner chooses
two facts, including
the one he or she
illustrated, to
share in the
When Presenting:
1. Be serious and professional. This is not a joke.
2. Look up, speak clearly and make eye contact.
3. Be accurate and comprehensive.

When Observing:
1. On the "KWL" chart, fill in all the facts that are new to you
2. Be a quiet, respectful, attentive listener.
3. Maintain good posture and look at the speakers except when taking notes.
4. Refrain from speaking unless called on by your teacher.
With a partner of your choosing, you will create a quilt patch. When they are completed, we will create a full quilt with them. Consult the rubric. You must:
1. Use one of the three designs.
2. Choose colors and images that relate to what you learned about the underground railroad.
3. Write a clear explanation of all the symbolism on the patch.
4. Be diligent and on task during the entirety of the work time for the assignment.
5. Create neat, legible, original work that reflects genuine effort.
Underground Railroad: Overview
Here are the steps we will follow in our exploration of the Underground Railroad:
1. With an assigned partner(s), you will read a section of the Kid's Discover magazine on the Underground Railroad.
2. Select the most important facts, represent them visually, and present them to the class.
3. Take comprehensive notes on others' presentations.
4. Answer comprehension and analysis questions on the text.
5. Create a quilt patch that represents what you learned through all the presentations symbolically.
Thursday 2.5.15
Let's take a look at the anticipation guide. Mark each statement as true or false. We will revisit at the end of the assignment.
What I know
about the
Step 0.5
Periods 1/3 Partners n' Pages:
So, what have you learned today?
Let's look back at the True/False and see if any of our answers may have changed.
Chloe. Caitlin-pages 2 & 3
Abbas, Khushi-page 4
Paddy, Jerry - page 5
Sammi, Erin- pages 6 & 7
Ali, Cassie- pages 8 & 9
Kera, Madison, Melissa - pages 12 & 13
*six facts; not four
Tiara, Chris- page 14
Jake, Julian- page 15
Logan, Morgan- page 16
Tyler, Andrew- page 17
Nick, Paul- page 18
Josh, Ben- 2&3
Rebecca, Sara- 8 & 9

Periods n' Pages Periods 6/7
Finish all presentations and illustrations by: 1:27 P.M.
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