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Review of Existing Evaluation Data

Completing a REED with quality and compliance

Frances Paris

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Review of Existing Evaluation Data

Review of Existing Evaluation Data:
Student-Centered Process Goes Electronic

Collaborative Approach
to the Reed Process
REED Materials
1. REED Manual
2. REED Sample
Assessment Tab in EdPlan
Assessment Tab data can be imported to the
IEP Present Level Statement
Summary of Performance for graduating students

Import data to REED form
Working with your student's data!
Import selected information from the Assessment Tab to a REED form.
38 Years of Special Education
Change in thinking: REED is a process, not just a form to fill out. REED is a child-centered process. It is all about the child.
Paris, Hicks & Heinzelman, Fall 2013
Wrap-Up the Day & Evaluate this work session
What does the data say?
Is additional assessment necessary?

What information is missing?

Can it be obtained in the available data?

What data is needed to inform instruction?

Where else can a teacher obtain data needed to inform instruction?

Does the data represent conflicting results?
Is the format of the assessment a factor?
How does the student performance compare with the student’s classmates?
Is analysis of area of need based upon at least three different sources of information?
Is the data an accurate reflection of typical performance?

Using the worksheet and your available data, answer the questions for each REED component.
Determine if you have sufficient information to answer the questions.
If not, is it available? Where is it?
Is additional assessment necessary?

You have 30 minutes to complete the work.

Work with student data
Review of student data by people who work with the student
Analyze the data to make informed decisions
Is more data necessary to inform decisions?

Data-driven dialogue assists teams in:
Making shared meaning of data,
Surfacing multiple perspectives,
Separating data from inference, and
Making data-driven decisions.
Talk about DATA
Develop summary

Analyze data

Collaborative Process

Collect and record

Select relevant
assessment data

What is a REED?
What stuck out for you?
What did you notice?
What pattern emerged?
What is the data trend?
Is there verification of what you noticed by multiple and different data sources (not just test scores)?
Consult the eligibility guidelines to assess continued eligibility.

REED--Going Electronic on EdPlan
You just watched a video. What did you notice that is different from current practice?
What's the same?
REED process led by ISD staff
Review of available information
Determination if sufficent data exists to make decisions
Additional data is generated if necessary
If more data is generated, a report is written by ISD staff
If a disability is in question, a MET report is produced.
What's different?
Increased teacher engagement
Teachers may enter information into EdPlan
Teachers and ISD staff agree on what data to collect
Teachers and ISD staff agree on who is to collect the information
A report is NOT written if additional assessment is not needed
Focus for Today
You prepared with a review of student data
You have seen a demo
You will see an example REED

The REED process is data rich. Use the needed data and not necessarily all of the data.

Sample REED
REED Manual
Participant Responsibility

Prepare for the REED process
Enter data into EdPlan
Focus on student’s areas of need
Consider if additional information is needed to inform instruction or confirm eligibility
Reference the eligibility guidelines for accurate recall of eligibility requirements
Initials: General education teachers contribute data that is entered by ISD and/or district staff into EdPlan for shared analysis.
Reevaluations: District special education staff and ISD staff enter data for shared analysis.

Support the student-centered process of the REED
Support timely completion of the REED
Review the REED
Your signature provides district assurance of the fidelity of the REED process
Create and/or provide district assessment plan. Ensure staff follow plan.

Administrator Responsibility
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