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The Real Catwoman

Who catwoman really is

Alyssa Maisey

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of The Real Catwoman

The Real Catwoman About Catwoman Catwoman's Disorder Treatment #1 Treatment #2 Background Information: Catwomans' real name is Selina Kyle. She is born in Gotham City to her parents, Brian and Maria Kyle. Her father, Brian was abusive and drank all the time. He would always get into fights with Selina's mother. Selina's father died of alcoholism and her mother committed suicide. After her parents death, Selina and her sister Maggie were sent to an orphanage. She later became a prostitute and cat-burglar. She learned martial arts. During a burglary some security guards caught a glimpse of her and called her Catwoman. Selina Kyle suffered from Borderline personality disorder (BPD) which causes a person to have unusual depths of moods which affect their personal relations. It also causes issues with their self-image, identity, behavior and distortions with reality. Some causes of this disorder are post-traumatic stress and childhood abuse. On form of treatment for BPD are several forms of therapy. Talk therapy is one form of treatment that focuses on helping the person understand how their thoughts and behaviors affect others. Another form is Psychoanalytic therapy, which helps a person understand their negative emotions towards others and how to control these thoughts. A second form of treatment for BPD is medication. The two different types of medication used are mood-stabilizers and anti-depressants. Cited Sources Medicinenet.com
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