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The Metzger Family Tree

No description

Zehnder Trinklein Metzger

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of The Metzger Family Tree

The Metzger Family
John Metzger - Alma Blower Metzger
Lois Trinklein & John Metzger
Mary Metzger - Steve Abbett
Linda Woodle
Ryan Woodle
Joshua Woodle
Ben Woodle
John Metzger - Debi Hill Metzger
Chris Hill - Mary Kay Blitz Hill
Lilah Hill
Emmett Hill and Ollie Hill
Chad Hill - Cindy Jow Hill
Callie Hill
Michael Metzger - Elisa Dougherty Metzger
Rachel Metzger
Nicole Metzger
Michele Metzger
Keaton Hill
June Metzger & Don Lundvall
Norma Metzger & Ray Schmick
Rita Jean Metzger
(died in infancy)
Steve Hager & Julie Lundvall
Alex Hager
Brooke Hager
Cameron Hager
Jeanne Lundvall & Mark Scharf
Joe Nunn & Judy Lundvall
Jaeden Nunn
Amy Schmick & Eric Seger
Ella Seger
Nina Seger
Bonnie Gold Schmick & Mike Schmick
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