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Be Happy

No description

Jodie Lamar

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of Be Happy

By Jodie Lamar
Life Principles
Hi I am Jodie, a mother of 4 adult kids and a grandmother of 2. I work full time at a daycare. I have been there for 22 years and I have seen a lot of children grow up. I decided to go back to school a few semesters ago and find it challenging with my old brain but it is also a good feeling to know I am stepping out of my comfort zone. This has been a huge step for me.
Try something new once in a while and try your best. You might find something that you almost missed out of because you didn't try. When you do find something new, be honest and feel good about yourself in knowing that you did try your best. I tried skiing for the first time a couple of years ago. I didn't like it but I honestly do not think I gave it my all so I am going back this year and giving it another shot.
Try your best
I am an introvert, but when I am around the people that I love and trust I will be myself. "Myself" is a little weird but I have fun. You get the best audience working in a daycare. I am constantly entertaining them and having fun. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like I should be getting paid because it's like going to the playground everyday. Don't get me wrong there are challenging days also.
Dance like no one is watching
Don't count on others to make you happy. It is up to you to be happy. Do things you enjoy. Be around people you love. Eat candy. Everyday I try to wake up happy (nobody is perfect, you can have a bad day once in a while ). I work with children what's better than that!
Be Happy
Step out of your comfort zone
Family means everything to
me. My children are my greatest achievement. They are life's best teachers. Through them life is
an adventure.
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