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Significant & Glorified

No description

rebecca rabeiro

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Significant & Glorified

Beowulf, The Epic Hero
Significant & Glorified

Is on a Quest
Superhuman Strength
On page 31 lines 335-360 the queen of Herot, Wealthow, praises Beowulf and offers him mead to celebrate.

Similar to Beowulf, Superman is glorified and well respected in society. People look up to him and are safe under his supervision similar to how the people of Herot treat Beowulf.
In text
For each, till the bracelet-wearing queen
Had carried the mead-cup among them and it was Beowulf
Turned to be served. She saluted the Geats'
Great prince, thanked God for answering her prayers,
For allowing her hands the happy duty
Of offering mead to a hero who would help
On page 23 lines 110-115 Beowulf comes from the Geats, Sweden to Demark on a quest to kill Grendel for the people of Herot
Christopher Columbus
In Text
Follower and the strongest of the Geats-greater
And stronger than anyone anywhere
Christopher Columbus goes on a quest to find India. On his journey across the Atlantic he arrives to modern day, Bahamas. Not realizing he was not in India he founded the new land.
Beowulf snaps off Grendels arm with his bare hands, something no other warrior has done.
When Hulk gets angry he gets superhuman strength. His body turns green and he gets very strong and can hurt anyone who gets in his way.
In Text
The monster's hatred rose higher,
But his power had gone. He twisted in pain, and the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder snapped, muscle and bone split and broke.
In text
Now when help was needed. None of the wise ones regretted his going, much as she loved by the Geats: The omens were good, and they urged the Adventure on.
Robin Hood
Robin Hood takes things from the rich and gives them to the poor. Even though stealing is wrong he is doing it to help the poor. He is ethical for trying to help those in need.
Beowulf heard of the terror happening to the village of Hrothgar and decided to come fight for the kingdom even though it is not his kingdom.
Risks of Death for Glory
In Text
Waiting to see his swift claws. Grendel snatched at the first Geat he came to, ripped him apart.
Firefighters put their lives at risk everyday to save those in danger and be glorified by everyone.
Grendel appears at the feast and see's Grendel rip one of his warriors arms apart, however he still fights Grendel to save the town and have his name Glorified.
Reflect Anglo-Saxon Society and Customs
On page 32 shows how Beowulf is brave and a hero because he fights for his people
On page 26 lines 185-190 shows how its custom to pass down armor within the family
On page 21 lines 30-35 shows his loyalty to the king
On page 23 line 120 Beowulf led his warriors from Denmark to victory for the people of Herot
In Text
Chose the mightiest men he could find
The bravest and best of the Geats,
14 in all,
And led them down to their boats
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King Jr lead the African Americans to revolt against segregation and racism. They fought for their rights and followed Dr. King Jr in to getting their freedoms.
Responsible Leader
In Text
And if death does take me,
Send the hammered mail of my armor to Higlac,
Return the inheritance i had from Hrethel
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