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Samantha Fiutak's

No description

Samantha Fiutak

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Samantha Fiutak's

Some things I think I need to work on in reading is trying not to read too fast that I mess up. But I think I'm getting better at my fluency. I think I'm starting to improve a little more and I'm trying to work my way to moving to a higher class.

I think that I am learning a lot in math. We are currently working on dividing fractions, and I think I am understanding it really well. But sometimes, I don't understand things right away and it makes me really frustrated. So I think that I should work on paying more attention to the teacher when he's teaching something new.
LA (Language Arts)
Lately in Social Studies we've been learning about Pioneers, the colonies, native americans, and famous colonists. Our last project in social studies was Pioneers, were we would pretend to be in a wagon train with our table group, and we would have a fake family. We would do a lot of fake and difficult budgeting to get all of our supplies on and off the wagon train. We went through a lot of tough situations like sicknesses, delays, etc. We would write diary entries about how the trip went well or not so well. We also went to the grove last month and learned how people lived back then too. I love learning about social studies because history has always seemed interesting to me.
Social Studies
Some things were working on in Language Arts are spelling or WTW (Words there way), DOW (Which is Daily Oral Writing), and Spelling City. In Words there way I'm in group 2, and there are 5 groups in all. We each get a word list each week that we need to study for, then on Friday we take a test. In Daily Oral Writing, we each have a DOW notebook. So Ms. Jensen puts a sentence up on the board and purposely leaves no periods or capital letters, and we need to fix them. We also point out the Adjectives, prepositions, interjections, conjunctions, verbs, adverbs etc... Also, Spelling City is where we just play games in order to study our words.

Samantha Fiutak's Conference

March 25th 2015

Today I am going to show
you my prezi sideshow about the subjects and events I learn in school. I'm going to show you my goals and the things I'm good at, and the things I maybe need to work harder on. Enjoy! :)
After we've learned about Social Studies, we've started learning about science, we started by learning about the periodic table. We've been doing a lot of experiments lately. Like mixing cornstarch and water together and tasting iron filings. We've also learned about the elements of the periodic table. We would all get a certain element and we would search up information about it then make a presentation to show the class.
Stars and Wishes (Goals and things I'm good at)
Some things I think I'm really good at are Language arts, science, and reading. Some things I think I would like to improve are focusing more in class especially in math class so I understand more.
Thank you for seeing my conference presentation!

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