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Advertising Campaign Analysis: Corona Extra - From where you'd rather be

Fenja Kuenne

Fenja Kuenne

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Advertising Campaign Analysis: Corona Extra - From where you'd rather be

Tutor: Megan Stenner
Friday, 10-11am Advertising Campaign Analysis Come along... with Corona on a journey to a place where you'd rather be. This is where it all began in 1925. First stop: Mexico Corona Extra is a pilsener beer
sold in transparent bottles
no paper label, it is printed on the bottle
served with a slice of lime
light and slightly bitter taste
brewed in Mexico and exported to all over the world ... and world wide Corona is the number one imported premium beer in Australia... launched in 2009
as long as the two brands were owned by different companies, there was a more intense market share battle
both beers sell the summer and beach aspiration along with the drink itself Let's have a look at Corona's main competitor. Corona Extra is not just the beer itself,
but an escape to a place from where you'd rather be. Strong brand image Third stop:
The world of Corona's consumers Yes. Does this knowledge influence the
advertising strategy? Corona is all about
friends coming together
holiday & beach feeling
freedom The focus of the campaign should be the social aspect and not only the beer's taste. young to middle-aged
laid-back, confident
unconventional, open-minded
friendship is important no "real" men The creative process: Message strategy Having a Corona means getting together with friends and getting away from everyday life. The Big Idea Take the audience on a laid-back journey along Mexico's west coast. Surf movie director Tailor Steele, well-known surfers and their friends travel in a 1976 Winnebago Chieftain.

Produce a short film and underline the scenes with relaxed music. Execution Corona's "From where you'd rather be" campaign Next stop:
Australia's beer market heavily saturated: 700+ different beer brands
two major companies: Foster's and Lion (Beer Competitive Advertising Spend Data, 2012) consumers increasingly prefer quality over quantity
this has a positive effect on sales figures of premium beer
beer consumption per capita is expected to decline in the future
BUT: international brands are expected to become more popular
competition is quite low, since the market is almost a duopoly Some recent developments: (Connell, 2012) The "From where you'd rather be" campaign was first launched in 2007 and has featured multiple times since.

When "A Journey" was released in 2010, Foster's still owned the distribution rights.

Since Lion took over the rights, no new campaign has been launched. Keep this fact in mind. Foster's lost the Corona distribution rights to Lion in Spring 2012. Corona vs. XXXX Summer light tasting beers
associated with summer, beach and holidays
target group overlaps: age, lifestyle, gender Corona is not a low-carb beer
Corona is Mexican
Corona's taste is slightly more bitter Corona's situation in numbers: Current share by value in Australia: 4.2%
Brand share (litres sold):
2009: 0.8%
2011: 1.0% How is that possible? Brand loyalty (Belch, 2012) Corona = get away
XXXX Summer = party Differentiation resulting from positioning The same types of people consume Corona and XXXX Summer in different situations. 48% of the beer customers are loyal to one brand. market share has grown since the campaign was launched
sales volume has grown in 2012 and is expected to continue growing (Effie Worldwide, 2006; Grupo Modelo, 2010) Corona is not necessarily consumed for its unique taste, but for the idea that stands behind the product. Physiological needs (hunger, thirst) Safety needs (security, protection) Social needs (sense of belonging, love, friendship) Esteem needs (self-esteem, recognition, status) Self-
actualisation needs (self-development, realisation) Maslow's hierarchy of needs:
Why do people drink Corona? (Belch, 2012) social connections freedom, independence & presents the short film "A Journey" by Taylor Steele Last Stop:
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne This is where the idea of Corona's campaign came alive. The creative strategy From the message to the campaign
brand image: the image of beach, holidays and friends Combination of: unique selling proposition: mentally escape from stress - it is not just a drink affection: appeal to the audience's emotions with warm, harmonious pictures Dramatisation & Imagery: Ad spend in the Australian beer industry 2011/12 Corona is ranked number 9 Who else is in the top 10? (Beer Competitive Advertising Spend Data, 2012) 1 2 3 5 6 7 Some facts about the beer market: (Belch, 2012) The short film was just the beginning. A whole campaign, comprising TV, cinema, outdoor, magazine and digital, came alive. the short film was presented in the cinemas
TVCs showed sequences of it (15-45 sec)
outdoor and magazine ads: shots from the clip or similar images
interactive online component "A Journey" was the base for all media: XXXX Summer Bright Lager "From where you'd rather be" went interactive: On Corona's web site, visitors could go on a journey to places where they would rather be. Interactive engagement: (Grupo Modelo, 2010) 34% market share in its segment in Australia (Speedy, 2012) (Grupo Modelo, 2010; Connell, 2012) (Mooney, 2012) (Connell, 2012) positioning: Corona as a drink for relaxed moments in life (Campaign Brief, 2010) (Campaign Brief, 2010) (Campaign Brief, 2010) (Good, 2010) (The InStar Group, 2011) Corona has successfully differentiated itself from most other beer brands during the past.

The objective of the campaign was to manifest its positioning especially with regard to XXXX Summer, to increase market share and brand awareness. Similarities Differences They want to enjoy a cold beer with friends or to mentally get away from reality. (Effie Worldwide, 2006) increasingly more females and working people (Connell, 2012) (Lion, 2012) (Euromonitor International, 2011) (Effie Worldwide, 2006;
Lion, 2011) What unites them? (Campaign Brief, 2010) watch a slide show
create your own for others to watch Was the media strategy well chosen? Cinema It is part of the target audience's lifestyle to meet friends and cinemas are a great platform to socialise. Advantages Disadvantages audience cannot avoid the advertisement
perfect environment to show the whole short film
can be very targeted: e.g. in front of comedy movie captive audience resents intrusion of ads (Belch, 2012) TV The target group likes watching TV in the evenings. Reality shows and series are preferred by them. Advantages Disadvantages pervasiveness: the campaign is actually recognized by the target audience
can be targeted if TVCs are shown within the right program context
cost efficient: multiple clips cut from the original short film clutter
high production and media placement costs
wasted reach (Belch, 2012) Outdoor Part of the target group's lifestyle is to meet friends in bars and to engage in various outdoor activities like sports. Advantages Disadvantages place ad close to places where they are likely to meet up
larger-than-life visuals: very effective medium to set the impressive pictures in scene
least expensive passive medium
extensive regulation (Belch, 2012) Magazines The target group enjoys reading a wide range of magazines. Advantages Disadvantages very targeted
long life span: Corona's ads never get out of date
great quality of print let the scenes look even more beautiful clutter (Belch, 2012) (Levine & Benjamin, n.d.) (Levine & Benjamin, n.d.) Online The target group is very interested in technology and social networks. Advantages Disadvantages interactive: people were part of the Corona experience
reach people at their workplace and inspire the desire for an icy cold Corona after work
highly targeted time consuming to maintain the web site (Belch, 2012) (Levine & Benjamin, n.d.) Yes. Due to the large number of competitors it was important to be present in a variety of media channels.

A consistent presentation of the brand throughout all media channels is essential for Corona and this was successfully implemented.

Many people can recall seeing "A Journey" in the cinemas - this is the ultimate goal of advertising. Could the campaign be improved? The overall campaign theme "From where you'd rather be" was brilliantly realised through the clips, photo shots and the web site.

It was essential for Corona's success to remain true to its chosen motto.

Both males and females were analysed to determine the most important aspect of expansion to the consumer group. (Effie Worldwide, 2006) Try to drink a beer on Australia's beaches... and you will get fined. (Queensland Government) And the creative part? Even though Australians can't just go on the beach and have a beer, they can still enjoy an ice cold Corona and dream about the place where they would rather be. Fenja Kuenne
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on Australia's party scene
on consumer segment age 35+,
which has not been the case in the previous campaigns. Advertising Strategy Advertising strategy recommendations: Thank you. The campaign evaluation Was the campaign successful? Strategic development conduct market research to find out if the target group can be expanded and get an understanding of the new consumer segment analyse the positioning of the main competitors analyse what medium is most appropriate to address the target group Campaign development monitor how the audience engages with each medium e.g. track hits on the web site or number of viewers watching the TV/cinema commercial Post evaluation market research to evaluate, if the number of sales has increased conduct survey to find out if the target group has been expanded conduct survey to evaluate if the campaign motto is still connecting with the target audience (Belch, 2012)
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