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Career Readiness

expository writing

Nayla Abrego

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Career Readiness

How Luskin Academy Can Help
Me Become A Psychologist By Nayla Abrego Luskin Resources Why do I want to become a Psychologists Requirements to become a Psychologists How I will use my Resources Possible Colleges & Requirements How Luskin Academy Can Also Help me become a Psychologists College Majors How Can Luskin Academy Help me achieve a career as a Psychologists About Being A Doctor Of Psychology Luskin Classes What do Psychologists do? What Are The Goals To Become
A Psychologist
To become a Doctor Of Psychology I must earn a Ph.D. degree. To earn a Ph.D. it takes four to seven years. In 2008, psychologists earn $70,190 yearly, but self-employed psychologists can earn much more. We can work in school, hospitals, businesses etc. Psychologists need a master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree in psychology. When you're practicing psychologists you need a license. Psychologists study the human mind and they can diagnose mental or emotional illnesses. A clinical psychologists helps find out, diagnose, and treat mental illness. They help people deal with their short-term personal problem Math and science are important. Good writing
and communication skills are important too, so English and speech courses are important. For the 9nth grade, Mr.Wakefield and Mrs.Sterr classes will help me a lot. Luskin Academy can help me practice becoming a doctor of psychology because I can email teachers about any questions I may have; I can stay in contact with them. Psychologist need to keep in contact with their patients. The Luskin Academy website would help me stay in contact with my teachers. My school also has a counselor who helps you with your problems. She listens to what you have to say then gives you advise of what you can do. This can help me because I can talk to her about things. I can ask her if I can observe how she works and this can help me understand what I need to do better. She can help me practice on talking and helping people better. In clinical, counseling, school, or health service settings, students usually complete a 1-year internship as part of the doctoral program. How to prepare for Graduate Study:
-Talk to a guidance counselor about the different routes to the degree.
-Learn as much as you can about the field of psychology
-Be prepare to study at a four-year university.
-Go for a bachelor's degree
-While studying for the bachelor's degree, get involved in research. I will use my resources to remember what I need to become a Psychologists. Later on, I will re-read this and I will make sure I do everything. I will memorize what I need. My classes will help me be prepared to become a Psychologists. First of all, you must graduate high school and earn your diploma.
Then when you are accepted in a college of your choice, then the fun begins. I, for example, want to go to UC Riverside Luskin academy does have a club that can help me. The club is called Speech & Debate is a club at Luskin Academy. That club would help me because you need to communicate in that club.
Luskin Academy also can help me stay in contact with my teachers. I want to become a Psychologists because it surprises me how to human brain thinks and feels. I want to help people with their problems and help them through it all. A possible college I can go to is UC Riverside. The Department of Psychology in UC Riverside offers programs leading to the degree of a Ph.D. You must be licensed. To become licensed, psychologists must have, for example, pre-doctoral or postdoctoral supervised experience, an internship, or a residency program. Work Citation http://bls.gov/
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