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Class of 1966 Presentation (jrw)

Who we are, what we do, and why it matters

Erin Smith

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Class of 1966 Presentation (jrw)

Live Streaming

Scoreboards (2011, 2014)

Phone & Wi-Fi (2014)

Concert Choir Airfare (2013)

Cardinal Welcome Crew

Game Room Refresh

Gym Repainting (2010)

Bleacher Repair (2007)
2777 Hardin St., Ste. 4
Saginaw, MI 48602-3710
(989) 793-7511
About the MLS Foundation
Who we are...
In 2001, the MLS Foundation was established to assist students financially as they study and prepare for the Lord's work.
About the MLS Foundation
What we do...
The MLS Foundation nurtures relationships and encourages support to advance the mission of MLS:
Under God, Michigan Lutheran Seminary prepares young people for a lifetime of service to the Lord Jesus Christ.
About the MLS Foundation
Our goals...
To fill immediate, short-term needs.
Each year, MLS needs to fund a portion of its budget through direct gifts. The Foundation helps support this in a number of ways.
Through an annual fund mailing, regular communications, and special projects and events, we give God's people opportunities to support their school.
Cardinal Classic Golf Outing
Dinner & Auction
Homecoming Tailgate Party
Commemorative Walkway
Light Up a Student's Life
Dormitory Renovation
About the MLS Foundation
Our goals...
To plan for the future of MLS.
Under God's guidance, and with His blessing, charitable gifts made from estate plans will ensure that MLS can continue its ministry well into the future.
The Eberhardt Society
Long Term Endowment
Those who have remembered the MLS Foundation or MLS
with legacy gifts are members of the Eberhardt Society.
Pastor Christoph Eberhardt and his wife Mary donated the land on which Michigan Lutheran Seminary still stands. Christoph and Mary Eberhardt had the future needs of the Church in mind when they made their permanent gift for Lutheran education. Many years later, we still reap the benefits of their foresight and generosity. The gospel of Jesus is still being passed as our heritage to the next generation at MLS.
Helps support the work of the Foundation as well as provide gifts for a stronger, healthier MLS budget. These funds, with God’s blessing, will help to ensure the future of MLS. The endowment fund disburses 3% per year, at the discretion of the Board of Directors. These funds have been used to support the Student Need Fund, to help fund general expenses of MLS, and—most recently—toward the dormitory renovation project.
Sustaining Fund:
Endowed Scholarships:
Endowed scholarships can provide annual proceeds to award grants to students continuing their studies for the ministry. Currently, the MLS Foundation manages many endowed scholarships and several donor-advised endowment funds.
About the MLS Foundation
Our goals...
To support the Seminary Family.
The first two goals are incomplete without the Seminary Family. The Foundation works to build and maintain the Seminary Family spirit by hosting events which let alumni, parents, and friends know that they are a valuable part of the Family.
Dinner & Auction
Seminary Family Events
Held annually around Valentine's Day, the Dinner & Auction is an evening of food, fun, and Christian fellowship. Friends of the Foundation use their many God-given talents to provide an array of terrific auction items.
Cardinal Classic
A day of golf, fun contests, great food, and fellowship.
at Beech Hollow Golf Course in Freeland
Homecoming Tailgate Party
Celebrate the tradition of football, food and fun at MLS. Many reunion groups come back to campus for this fun event, and we hope you will join us also!
About the MLS Foundation
Our Guiding Principles...
Jesus died and rose again. Our sins are forgiven. Jesus is alive, directing everything for the sake of his Church. In the end, this is our only strength and comfort.
Our giving is properly done out of love for the Lord, and out of confidence that he will continue to bless us. "He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?" Romans 8:32 (NIV'11)
We encourage and value generosity as a reflection of the confidence that we have in the Lord to provide for all of our needs.
We recognize that our donors, MLS, and the synod have all entrusted us with a solemn responsibility. We want to be faithful to the Lord and his people as we carry out our work. "Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful." 1 Corinthians 4:2 (NIV'11)
We are committed to the highest standards of integrity in all our activities. Hence, we are committed to the ethical collection, retention and use of information about donors and prospects in all of our activities.
We have a mutually beneficial relationship with our donors. Our activities are in the best interest of the donor within the mission of the Foundation.
We are committed to cooperation with all the facets of MLS, with the WELS - particularly its ministerial education schools and the Ministry of Christian Giving, and with donors.
Our Logo:
The elementary, high school, and college students represent the MLS Foundation's support of Christian education at all levels.

The synod's cross reminds us of the special purpose of MLS - to train students for the public ministry of the gospel.
About the MLS Foundation
Who we are...
Board of Directors
Josh Wakefield
Joyce Schultz
Erin Smith
Responsible for planning investment strategies, providing oversight of spending, account management and annual tax filings, administering grants & scholarship funds.
Helps MLS students, faculty, and parents promote MLS. Provides scholarships for graduating seniors enrolling at Martin Luther college for full-time ministry.
Maintains & promotes relationships with various support groups, including:
WELS Elementary Schools, MLS Volunteer Corps, Booster Club, and MLS Friends & Family
Booster Club
Provides oversight of fundraising & other events
Promotes awareness of the MLS Foundation, creates campaign materials & letters, assists with the Foundation's Facebook page and website, assists with newsletters and the annual report of the Foundation.
Five Committees:
2777 Hardin St., Ste. 4
Saginaw, MI 48602-3710
(989) 793-7511
MLS Foundation Main Web Page:
Sign up for our newsletter, learn about events and promotions, or make a gift directly from our website!
Thank you!
About the MLS Foundation
Mike Krueger
Mark Eubank
Lee Miller
Nathan Breidinger
2777 Hardin St., Ste. 4
Saginaw, MI 48602-3710
Thrivent Choice
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV '11)
"Rejoice always,

give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."
pray continually,
Become our fan on Facebook and stay up-to-date on the latest events and news from the Foundation.
Visit our website for the link to our page, or search for "MLS Foundation" once you're signed in to Facebook.
Light Up a Student's Life
During November and December, the Michigan Lutheran Seminary Foundation sponsors a special giving program to benefit MLS and its students.
Contributions will support the MLS Student Need Fund.

Donors to the "Light Up A Student's Life" have an opportunity to make a gift in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special person. Gifts will be recognized by the lighting of a large Christmas tree that will be located in the commons.
Join the MLS Volunteer Corps!
Commemorative Bricks
The MLS Foundation is in the process of lining the walkway from the gate to the bleacher area with specially engraved paving bricks.

There's still time to place your order!
If you shop on Amazon, use the special link from our website to have a percentage of your eligible purchases donated to the Foundation.
There's also a new program called
Amazon Smile
, which also donates a percentage of eligible purchases to the Foundation. Visit
and select the MLS Foundation.
When you sell on eBay, you have the opportunity to donate a portion or all of your profits to the MLS Foundation. After the item sells, PayPal Giving Fund collects your donated proceeds and eBay then credits your selling fees proportional to the amount you chose to donate.
Enroll in Kroger Community Rewards, scan your shopper card or enter your alternate ID at checkout, and you benefit MLS and the MLS Foundation. It's so easy!
Easy Ways to Support MLS and the MLS Foundation
Retailers offer gift cards that are purchased through the Scrip website and a percentage of each purchase is given to the MLS Foundation.
It’s that simple!
Consider using Scrip cards for your regular shopping trips. Scrip can be used for just about any household purchase including food, clothing, entertainment, gasoline and even dining out. The best part is, you can “re-load” many cards for stores you frequent and continue shopping for your regular purchases while raising money for MLS at the same time!
Gift Card
GoodSearch and GoodShop promotions allow
you to earn money for MLS while doing the things you already do -
like searching the web, shopping online, and more!
We are now a registered eBay seller and can accept your donations of new and gently used items to sell on eBay, with the proceeds to benefit the MLS Foundation.
Support for Michigan Lutheran Seminary
Recent Projects
The MLS Foundation
Assisting MLS with live streaming of chapel services and other campus events
Helping the Concert Choir with airfare funds to tour churches in the Southwest
Securing grant funds to purchase new baseball and softball scoreboards
Assisting MLS with upgrading the campus phone system and improving wireless Internet access
The foundation provided tee shirts for student volunteers on move-in day.
Repainting and updating the students' game room
We could always use more volunteers!
Held annually at Homecoming
Eligible Thrivent members can help choose where Thrivent distributes a portion of its charitable funds through Thrivent Choice.

Eligible members receive a letter or email when Choice Dollars are available to designate. You can designate your Choice Dollars to the foundation by searching for:
Michigan Lutheran Seminary Foundation
(it's important to spell it out completely)
Join us in February!
July 1, 2015 - April 26, 2016
MLS Foundation
Endowed Scholarship Funds
Roland and Esther
Bode Scholarship
Susan M. Post
Lloyd and Edith
Thompson Scholarship
James L. Frohmader
Memorial Scholarships
MLS Foundation
Pastor John F. and
Ruth H. Brenner Grant
Dormitory Project
Other Capital Projects
MLS Operational Support
Athletic Equipment
Equipment Expense
MLC Scholarships
Student Assistance
Other MLS Support
For more information, visit
mls-foundation.org or call 989-793-7511
Follow us on Facebook to be the first to know about upcoming events!
$ 2,649.27
$ 762.00
$ 5,375.00
$ 1,000.00
$ 500.00
$ 600.00
Friday, September 23, 2016
Join us on
Other Support
Operational Support
Other Capital Projects
Student Assistance
MLC Scholarships
Dormitory Renovation
$ 5,605.00
$ 11,005.00
$ 21,991.00
$ 53,017.00
$ 56,563.00
$ 63,224.60
$ 85,218.00
$ 104,082.88
$ 666,349.27
Total Gifts to MLS (2011 - 4/26/2016)
% of Total
Be the first to know by following our Facebook page
Save the date for the next Cardinal Classic: July 16, 2016
Tuition Endowment
Rev. W.D. Keturakat
Memorial Scholarship
Welcome Back, Class of 1966!
Welcome, Class of 1966 and guests
Today's Agenda
Welcome & Introductions
Rev. Joel Petermann, MLS President
Prayer & Dinner
MLS Foundation
Joyce Schultz, Records Specialist
Josh Wakefield, Donor Relations Director
Closing Remarks
Chapel Renovation (2010)

Brick Walkway (2005-current)

Dorm Workout Room( 2014)

Dormitory Renovation (2013-15)

Brick Entry & Gate (2015-16)

The "S" Project (2010-16)

"Checkerboard" Hallway (2015)

AED Project (2016)
Repainting the gym and adding Cardinal logos
Replacing boards and re-covering bleachers to extend their use
New paint, new flooring, reupholstery of chairs, addition of pipe organ, stage updates
Replacement of the muddy path with a paved, brick walkway
Changed the former TV room into a cardio/workout room
New furniture, carpeting, paint, heaters, locks, and Wi-Fi access
Repair of brick entry & replacement of athletic field entrance gate
Recovery, repair, restoration, and display of the "S" which was in the old gym (now the chapel)
Replacement of old flooring
Secured grant funding to purchase an AED for Cardinal Field on Mackinaw Street
Full transcript