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Chicago's Action Plan for Healthy Adolescents

No description

Suzanne Elder

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Chicago's Action Plan for Healthy Adolescents

It costs less to prevent
disease than to treat it.

First, a challenge . . .

Next, find your ticket on the back of your copy of
"Chicago's Action Plan for Healthy Adolescents"

The impact of substance use reaches
beyond the user. It can cause problems
at school and home, the loss of friends and community support, and lasting legal trouble.

On the Right Track
Nutrition and Physical Activity
Disease Prevention

Chicago's Action Plan for Healthy Adolescents is a core component
of the City's public health agenda.
It includes more than 40 measurable goals and 60 strategies to help
improve your health and wellbeing.

Chicago's Action Plan for Healthy Adolescents

Let's keep the conversation going!
Tweet me about health issues that matter
to you and your ideas about what we can
do about to improve adolescent health.

A good diet and regular exercise will help
you maintain a healthy weight and decrease the risk of developing chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Behavioral Health
More than a third
of the Chlamydia
and Gonorrhea cases diagnosed in Chicago
in 2012 were among teens, 13-19 years of age.
The adolescent brain
is different
The connections between brain cells grow at a remarkable rate during adolescence, making teens exquisitely sensitive, highly adaptable, and wired almost perfectly for the job of moving from childhood and the safety of home out into a complicated world.

Dental exams, cleanings, flouride treatments, sealants and referral to restorative care.
Vision exams and eyeglasses if needed
HIV/STI education, testing, and treatment

Healthy Chicago
is the city's public health agenda.
It details how CDPH
will lead and work
with partners to improve the health
of all Chicagoans.
Join the Team!
The number one
predictor of developing
type 2 diabetes?

Daily consumption of
sugar-loaded beverages

Drink more H2O.
An alarming percentage of high school students
do not eat fruits and vegetables every day
More than 80 percent of high school students do not eat the daily servings of fruits and vegetables recommended to get the vitamins, minerals, and fiber the body needs.
Depression can
change how people see themselves, their lives, and others around them
Your counselors can help you find support when you need it.
percent of teens say they have felt sad or hopeless
in the past 30 days.
Sexual & Reproductive Health
Becoming a parent when you're still a teen isn't easy.

The Adolescent Health Access Committee
includes more than 50 health, policy, and education experts and youth advisers.
Their sustained commitment to the health
of adolescents made this plan possible.

Transforming the health of individuals and institutions in Chicago

Take time to become yourself, build confidence, and learn how to make safe, healthy, and responsible choices before becoming a parent.

And that's a good thing!

Chicago's Action Plan for Healthy Adolescents was commissioned under the Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Initiative, a five year, $19.7 million grant awarded to
CPS, the centerpiece of which is the Teen Outreach Program. TOP is a positive youth development program proven to reduce course failure, drop outs, and teen pregnancies and increase graduation rates.

Big tobacco uses this period of your brain development against you to get you hooked. Marketing is designed to convince you that flavored tobacco, like menthol, isn't as bad
for you as regular cigarettes. But it is.

Big tobacco wants you.

Studies show that hookah is even more dangerous than cigarettes because smokers inhale more deeply and more often. Nothing cool about that. And paan, bidis, and kreteks? They are just as addictive and dangerous.

No safe alternatives
Poor Squidward. Which vaccine would have prevented this?
Published entries earn a $25 gift card and become eligible to win cool prizes.
Teens work with
Mikva Challenge,
and other youth groups
to develop stories,
artwork, and videos.
If we become accustomed to seeing
adolescence as a problem, we will
miss its beauty and opportunities.

While this rapid growth and sophisticated neural networking enables teens to absorb massive amounts of information, adapt to quickly changing environments, and even support necessary risk-taking, this otherwise highly-beneficial plasticity has a downside:

Research shows that young brains are more susceptible
than their adult counterparts to stressors, such as sleep
deprivation and the effects of alcohol and marijuana.

Educating and empowering
teens to make safe, healthy,
and responsible choices is an effective public health strategy.


Policies, programming,
insurance, transportation, language barriers, even which school they attend, can affect
an adolescent's ability to get
the care they need.

School-Based Health Care Services

This landmark legislation expands Medicaid
and provides new, more affordable ways for families and children to get health insurance.

The Affordable Care Act

Submissions may also be submitted to the
Chicago Tribune's high school paper, The Mash.

If your story is selected, you'll work with other student writers and develop stories with editors
of one of Chicago's major daily newspapers.

Be You. Be Recognized.
Access to Care

Mikva Challenge is a non-partisan nonprofit that trains the next
generation of civic leaders to take action now through innovative programs that put young people at the center of the democratic process.

Approximately one in ten adolescents
have been the victim of teen dating violence Chicago’s rate (16.3 percent) is nearly double
the national rate (9.4 percent).

Teen Dating Violence
Connect @ Choucair
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