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Introduction to Reconstruction

No description

jamie tyson

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of Introduction to Reconstruction

...by the government
Attempts to overcome the challenges...
Reconstruction Act of 1867
The RR in Congress pass this Act to fight against Johnson:

1. Divided the South into 5 military districts
2. Black men were able to vote
3. Established the Freedmen’s Bureau to educate and assist newly freed blacks

13th Amendment - Freedom
14th Amendment - Citizenship
15th Amendment - Vote
Goal: Reunite the Union
was Reconstruction?
It refers to the time period immediately following the Civil War and the “reconstruction” of the South
was Reconstruction?
Richmond, Virginia
...BUT HOW??!?!?
Three major governmental groups played a role in reshaping the USA
1. Lincoln- President of the United States during the Civil War (Republican)
2. Andrew Johnson- Vice President (Democratic)
3. Radical Republicans- name for the majority in Congress
Lincoln's View
10% Plan: 10% of a state must swear an oath of allegiance before being re-admitted to the Union
The Radical Republicans (RR) in Congress felt that his plan was too forgiving
His priority was restoring the Union as quickly as possible!
The RRs and Lincoln fundamentally disagreed on how to approach Reconstruction
Pushed to end reconstruction before the end of the year.
Allowed the South to pass “black codes” (laws against blacks)
Offered pardons to all Generals and Officers
April 1865- Lincoln is assassinated!
Andrew Johnson becomes President!
9th Grade Amendments (Just like you, they’re 13, 14, and 15)!
- 1865- Ends Slavery in the United States
- Supported by Lincoln
- Lincoln did not live to see it pass
13th Amendment
1868- Guarantee's citizenship to all people born or naturalized in the United States.
What does this mean?
No state can deny “life, liberty, or property without due process of law”

No state can
“deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of its laws.”

Blacks are treated like white people?
14th Amendment
Guarantee's the right to vote cannot be denied based on “race, color, or previous condition of servitude”

What does this mean?
Former slaves, blacks, and immigrants can vote!
15th Amendment
Infuriated the South (and some Northerners)
Black Codes/Jim Crow Laws passed
Voting restrictions and other rules that made it impossible for blacks to vote & be treated as citizens
Ex. Pass difficult tests in order to vote
Rise of the KKK
Blacks will not fully achieve ability to vote until middle of the 20th century
In reality...
In reality...
Made progress for blacks...but...
South & North still found ways to deny blacks equal rights (People still viewed them as 2nd class citizens)
Andrew Johnson & Southern Congressmen
Strongly Against 14th and 15th Amendments
Voted against policies that would help blacks
Believed blacks should stay 2nd class
Northern Congress was infuriated by Johnson and Southern Congressmen
Took control of Southern States with the Military
Forced them to set up schools and ensure equal treatment of blacks
Made them pass 14th and 15th amendments before they could become states again
Led by Thaddeus Stevens
Why did the Civil War start in the first place?
A. Industry
B. Immigration Laws
C. Slavery
D. State's Rights
C and D!

The Civil War began because the North and the South disagreed on state's rights to own slaves.
Finally in 1865 the Civil War ends but...
What are we going to do with the South?
They openly rebelled against the North which lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths.
Families are ripped apart...
Newly freed slaves...
And America is left in ruin...

RRs felt that the South needed to “re-join” the Union
Lincoln’s view was that the South was never given the right to leave
Refer to the worksheet:
The Era of Race Relations during Reconstruction

8/21 Do Now
Write AT LEAST TWO things you remember about the Civil War
**Don't forget complete sentences or a title.
Let's turn to Reconstruction: Primary Document Analysis worksheet
8/23 Do Now
Extra Extra!! Reconstruction just hit the United States!...
Complete the newspaper article explaining Reconstruction in 3-5 sentences

Johnson tried to VETO the act, but it was overridden by a 2/3 vote in Congress
1 partner
2 pictures
3 solutions each
4 minutes
Read ONE of the documents by yourself and analyze its meaning
1. Find a partner in the room
2. Take turns reading the documents
3. Write their analysis on your worksheet

Martial Law
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