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Inbound Marketing

Social media

Christian Langebeck

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing People are sick and tired of being interrupted with traditional outbound marketing messages and have become quite adept at blocking marketers out! Obama Strategy Traditional Marketer:
Spread the word about their product and services
in order to get people to buy them.
(Radio, TV, Banners, Newspaper, Magazines) 2008 He was first term Senator.
He couldn't compete with Hillary and her email blasts, telemarketing, direct mail campaigns, and TV and radio advertising. Track your progress ¿How to Get Found? Think of yourself as half marketer and half publisher Blog 1. A blog will establish your company as a thought leader in your market.
2. Gives your potential customers a way to engage with you versus being hit with a premature sales pitch.
3. Build trust over time
4. A blog will DRAMATICALLY improve your search rankings; a blog is great way to create more pages Google can index. Tips Sub domain: company.com/blog or blog.yourcompany.com. If personal: www.yourname.com (wordpress)
Google Authorship. Google API
Fonts. Font squirrel.com; dafont.com
Titles. Important for Google.
Ensure people can leave comments and they can subscribe to the RSS.
Share via Twitter and Facebook.
Avoid writing more than one page long.
Avoid comment moderation
Tags!! 1. How to articles.
2. How not to articles.
3. Analysis of the current industry trends.
4. Diversify using videos/photos
5. You'll want others to write in your blog.
6. Write once per week. Post the link on every social media site and encourage your readers to share it. "Please let me know what your thoughts in the comments section below." Overselling of the product or service.
The idea is to pill your industry in with neutral, brilliant content in the hope that prospects connect the dots down the road. Paid vs Free 75% of searchers click the ORGANIC listings while 25% click on the PAID results.
89% of the traffic is on the firts page of Google results. Think of Google as a massive Catalog.
First, Google crawl and index your web page. If its not crawled you're not even in the race!
Then, of all the other websites, your website have to be considered better than others.

Index your website: www.google.com/addurl Google: Relevance and Authority Relevance: How close of a match a given web page is to the term being searched.
Authority: How important and authoritative that given page is in the eyes of Google. PageRank. The more citations the a given paper has, the better. Links from different sites. 1. Put your most important keywords in the Page Title.
2. Earlier words in the Page Tittle carry more weight than later words.
3. Don't forget the humans! If your page title sounds nonsense, people are not going to view it.
4. Consider putting your company name at the end of the title. 1. Keep them short (1 to 2 sentences)
2. Every page should have a unique description, just like a unique page title
3. User your keywords in your description!! It is ofter useful to have a keyword contained within your domain name. Headings: include keywords, keep them short, Use single h1 header on each page and use multiple h2 and h3 headers. Link farms: Creation of links to your website
Keyword Stuffing: Over populating portions of a web page with keywords.
Cloaking: Delivering different web site content to Googles spider than what is delivered to humans.
Hidden Text: Include text so only Google can see it but humans cannot. LinkedIn Facebook Reach: You want your message and story to reach as many people as possible.
Business Page: Discussion forums, photos, videos, testimonials.
Viral aspect. Its important to promote your new FB business page within your existing channels (website, blog, e-mail, newsletter, LinkedIn profile, etc.)
Also, Buy Social ads www.facebook.com/pages/create.php Then: Create Subdomain: facebook.yourcompany.com How often, and at what times is the page posting?
What are they posting? What's getting the most interaction – pictures, links, videos, questions? What copy resonates?
How many people post directly on the page?
How many respond to a post? Take note of the “talking about this” number that tracks these metrics over a 7-day period:
Liking your page
Posting on your Timeline
Liking, commenting, or sharing your posts
Answering a question
RSVP-ing to an event
Tagging your page
Checking in
What isn't working? 1. Connect the profile picture to the cover photo.
2. Highlight a product.
3. Highlight a fan of the week.
4. Give a creative use of the product.
5. Show fans using the product or service. You may want to add some additional Apps to jazz up your Facebook Page, here are some options: here are some options:
NetworkedBlogs - This application will import your blog automatically onto your wall whenever you have a new post. More on how to set this up later.
RSS Graffiti - This application will import any RSS feed into your wall.
Pavment - Use this application to create a storefront on your Fan Page. If you have a product, you can easily sell it directly from your page. You can even set it so that your fans get special discounts available only to them.
Causes - Use this application if you are a non-profit to raise money for your cause on Facebook.
MarketPlace - This application is used to list items for rent or sale, and for job listings.
Booshaka - This application shows a list of all your top fans by how much they interact with you.
Fan of the Week - This app automatically picks a Fan of the Week based on interaction, and posts the message about the new fan each week. Content Calendar Monday morning: 3rd party link to an interesting relevant article
Monday afternoon: Photo (could be a product or behind the scenes event)
Tuesday morning: Your own blog post
Tuesday afternoon: Question of the day (could be around a news event, or crowd sourcing to find out what your audience is struggling with around your niche)
Wednesday morning: Fan of the Week (highlight a Fan or Fan Page that has contributed to the conversation) http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/ Not only should you watch your Insights within Facebook but also monitor what is being said about you on the web in general. Many of the big brands dedicate staff and budget to monitoring social media activity with sophisticated tools. If you are just starting out you might want to begin with some of these free tools:

1. Kurrently
2. Social Mention
3. Topsy
4. HowSociable Web site for professional social networking.
LinkedIn its all about Business. Building a LinkedIn group= Online community of people interested in a particular topic.

Once you start browsing through the list of available Groups, determine whether there's an opportunity to create a specific one for your industry.

CPM: How many people will the Ad be shown to
Long Run. Change. "[TUMBLR] JUST SEEMS MORE INTIMATE AND ITS NOT REALLY A PLACE OF BRAGGING, BUT MORE OF A PLACE OF SHARING." StumbleUpon Its known as a social discovery site, as it helps you discover new content that you might like.

1. Get to know all the basic categories
2. Find interesting content/resist the temptation to vote.

4. Pay a small advertising campaign. Digg Tumblr 3. Begin making friends. Youtube More than 100 million videos are viewed each day.
It's the most popular video site on the Internet. Customer Stories: share experience, record testimonials,
Expert interviews, how to videos, how not to, animations. 1. EXPERIMENT! You won't know what kind of videos will engage your potential audience until you try.
2. Don't try to be perfect or overly polished. You don't necessarily need a professional video producer.
3. Don't invest too much in expensive equipment.
4. Share the content via social media accounts. ¿How do I build a social media reach? 1. Tell your story
2. Participate
3. Be open and treat people as you would like to be treated.
4. Listen!
5. Social media is on the long road....
Evernote Chrome extensions Converting visitors into leads Call to action! Landing page Conversion is the art and science of encouraging site visitors to further engage with your business.

You do this by generating value and creating confidence in the consumer.
Example: subscribing to a RSS, commenting on your blog, sharing facebook stats, RT in Twitter, etc. Once you get that visitor on your page,
you need to show him or her exactly
the action to take. From the visitor perspective:

"Why would I click this button and give them my information?
"What's in it for me? You've gotta GIVE to GET! Don't make me think! Christian Langebeck S. Email, text messages, online networks.

Facebook page: 5'800.000 supporters.
Twitter: 450.000 Followers
LinkedIn:13.000 members
Youtube: 21.000.000 views ¿What should I write about? ¿Why Blogs Fail? Wordpress Tumblr Cost per Click (CPC) enquireoresearch How Google Works Page Title Metadescription Domain Names and SEO Page Content Black hat SEO Keywords Are what users type into the search box for their query.

Example: "best 2012 books" Selecting the right keywords

Relevance: prospect's perspective
Volume: How many people search that word?
Difficulty: How hard it will be to rank the keyword. (Only 10 can)

Google Adwords website. ¿WHY? Tips •Post every day: That may seem excessive, but as people make more friends and Like more pages, your posts may be missed. There are even studies that show posting between 3-5 times a day can be a good amount for pages.
•Focus on engagement: You're trying to connect with and get responses from your community. Ask questions, post helpful tips, and link to articles that your audience will Like and share. When you make the posts about your audience and what they need, rather than selling, you'll develop a deeper relationship with your community.
•Have a call-to-action: Tell people exactly what to do, like click Like, comment on a post, or watch a video.
•Don’t oversell, or undersell: No one likes a never-ending sales pitch, but do highlight your wares from time-to-time! Use the 80-20 rule for content/connection posts vs. sales messages.
•Make it fun: Facebook is a social community. People are there to have fun. Stay true to your brand, but think of ways to entertain your audience and let your corporate hair down. Social Media How to use it In Business! How to use LinkedIn to market yourself? Give before you ask favors
Connect with everyone
Make your interactions personal
Measure your LinkedIn Reach!
Monitor the interaction in your LinkedIn groups
Track your developing thought Leadership
Compare results
Measure your website referral traffic from LinkedIn ¿Why? In Business! Statistics Sproutsocial.com
Twoolr.com Digg delivers the most interesting and talked about stories on the Internet right now. The Internet is full of great stories, and Digg helps you find, read, and share the very best ones. It’s simple and it’s everywhere: visit Digg on the web, find it on your iPhone, or get the best of Digg delivered to your inbox with The Daily Digg. Remarkable content: Webinars
White papers or reports
An E-book
30 minute expert consultation
Research studies
Free class, demo or trial offer.
Brochures Every page should have a call to action not just you home page and landing pages. Percentage of visitors that convert into leads Is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link. landerapp.com
http://getpremise.com/ Is the business practice of sending an email to people on a list in the hopes of selling them a product or service. The primary intent is to establish loyalty, trust and brand awareness. Email Marketing Referral Channel How did the lead find you? Did the person come via Google search, a link from a blog, social media site, or a link from a newsletter? Google Analytics Website Trend # 1 Responsive Design Trend # 2 Typography will take center stage. Trend # 3 Buh-bye Flash. Hello just about anything else. Loading..... Trend # 4 Large images used for large impact visuals. Trend # 5 More sharing on social networks. Trend # 6 Mobile apps will start to replace mobile browsing Trend # 7 King content will keep its crown Trend # 8 solid blocking Trend # 9 Homemade Trend # 10 Oversized type Trend # 11 Infographics Inbound marketing is advertising a company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, enewsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content Inbound Campaign
" Understand the values of Barack Obama" ¿Are you worthy? SEO Twuffer.com
twitter.grader.com http://marketing.grader.com/site/www.easyway.com.co Google 1. Target communications to your leads by their interests As people learn to tune out generic emails, you need to send emails that are highly targeted.
2. Personalise your emails with dynamic content
Personalising emails with dynamic content increases click-through rates 14%.
3. Get the info you need to close deals faster
- Get notified when a lead re-visits your website
- See which website pages your leads have visited and which offers they've downloaded
- See what their leads are talking about on social media sites. Donts 1. Don't use @gmail or @yahoo.
2. Don't add people that did not choose
to be there.
3. Don't send an email without a unsubscribe
4. Don't forget to double-triple check your
email content.
5. Don't send emails to frequently.
6. Don't use images only. A/B Test! ¿How do you google? Google normally searches for pages that contain all the words you type in the search box 1. Either/or: if you want pages that have one term or another (or both), use the OR operator -- or use the "|" symbol Example: php | ajax course (php or ajax course)
2. Quotes: If you want to search for an exact phrase, use quotes. ""
3. Not: If you don't want a term or phrase, use the "-" symbol. [-dumb little man] will return pages that contain "little" and "man" but that don't contain "dumb".
4. Similar terms: Use the "~" symbol to return similar terms. [~dumb little man -dumb] will get you pages that contain "funny little man" and "stupid little man" but not "dumb little man".
5. Wildcard. The "*" symbol is a wildcard. This is useful if you're trying to find the lyrics to a song, but can't remember the exact lyrics. [can't * me love lyrics] will return the Beatles song you're looking for. It's also useful for finding stuff only in certain domains, such as
educational information: ["dumb little man" research *.edu] 6. Advanced search. If you can't remember any of these operators, you can always use Google's advanced search.
7. Definitions. Use the "define:" operator to get a quick definition. [define:dumb] will give you a whole host of definitions from different sources, with links.
8. Calculator. One of the handiest uses of Google, type in a quick calculation in the search box and get an answer
9. Numrange.This little-known feature searches for a range of numbers. For example, ["best books 2002..2007] will return lists of best books for each of the years from 2002 to 2007 (note the two periods between the two numbers).
10. Filetype. If you just want to search for .PDF files, or Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets, for example, use the "filetype:" operator. 1) Principle of consensus.
2) The need to belong and the need for self-presentation. Most important things http://www.techipedia.com/2012/perfect-facebook-fan-page/ New Facebook http://www.easel.ly http://create.visual.ly/ http://infogr.am/beta/ It enables a new form of link sharing, so whether you want to show off your latest purchase or help friends find the best products and services, Pinterest can really come in handy. Pinterest
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