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Customer Analytics in Retail - A case study

Presented at TFM&A, Shanghai, 16th October 2012

Olivier Maugain

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Customer Analytics in Retail - A case study

Customer Analytics in Retail
A case study
What is Analytics?
POS system
CRM System
"The process of discovering meaningful knowledge (e.g. correlations, patterns and trends) by sifting through large amounts of data stored in repositories, using statistical and mathematical techniques."
Helps managers to predict what’s going to happen in the
(as opposed to conventional Business Intelligence, which is about explaining the past and the present)
Customer segmentation
Customer Profiling
Convey the right message...
To the right customer...
At the right time...
Through the right channel...
With the right content
For customers
Better understanding of needs
Improved shopping experience
Enhanced communication across all touch points
For retailers
Higher share of wallet
Improved customer retention
More revenue
Lower marketing costs
Higher ROI
SPSS China
Tel: +86 (0)21 6352 3586
Mobile: +86 156 1858 6003
Email: maugaino@spss.com.cn
LinkedIn group: "
Customer Analytics in Asia Pacific
Dr. Olivier Maugain
Thank you for your attention
ROI Case Study:
Campaign Optimisation
the number of ads (or targets) of a marketing campaign in order to improve its
- Number of ads sent: 1'000
- Cost of each ad: 100 RMB
- Value of a positive response: 1,000 RMB
- Random selection of targets
(Random Selection)
Response rate: 10.0%
-> Number of positive responses: 100
-> Revenue generated: 100'000 RMB

Cost of campaign: 100'000 RMB
of the campaign:

(Using Analytics)
- Number of ads sent: 600
- Response rate: 13.5%

-> Number of positive responses: 81
-> Revenue generated: 81,000 RMB

- Cost of campaign: 60,000 RMB

of the campaign:
- Cost savings:
40'000 RMB
Similar within a group
Different between groups
Market Basket Analysis
Product recommendation
Product bundling
High / Medium / Low Value?
Loyal / "itchy feet"
Will respond to campaign yes/no?
Who behaves in what way?
Demographic Data
Transaction data
Behavioural Data
What kind of data?
conversion rates
to become...
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