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Pets should be allowed at school!

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Alexia Markos

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Pets should be allowed at school!

Argument 2:
Argument 3:
Argument 1:
Pets are the best.
Students should be allowed to bring their pets to school. Pets could make your students more responsible and could make your students feel at home.
A pet could be your best friend at school.

I am writing this to convince you to allow your students to bring their pets to school on a pet school day. Obviously you would always have something to play with and you will also be teaching your classmates how to care for pets. Pets could be a good influence and make the kids show responsibility.

I strongly suggest that schools allow their students to bring their pets to school because if you allow your students to bring their pets to school then school would be more interesting. If school was more interesting then more kids would want to go to school and also students could show their pets to their classmates.Your classmates could be learning more than they already know about animals.
Just think about it, letting your students bring their pets to school is a great idea because students will be having more fun and most people like being at home then being at school, so make them feel at home and allow your students to bring their pets to school. Pets could possibly encourage kids to look forward to school and pets could stop fights and arguments for example; if somebody was bullying your child, their pet could prevent an altercation.


Pets are the one and only thing a child needs at school. By their side pets could also be a students best friend at school. Caring for a pet may be hard but think about the benefits of playing with the pet!
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