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Ancient Egypt Report

No description

Brett Anderson

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt Report

Welcome to Ancient Egyptian Sports
What were the sports like?
Where did they play sports?
How many types of sports did they play?
Were the sports rough or dangerous?
Why did they play sports?
Who played sports?
Were their sports like ours today?

Their sports were a lot like today's Olympics.
Kings and Princes loved going to sports events.
Archaeologists have discovered 18 different types of sports that the Ancient Egyptians played.
They discovered pictures on walls explaining the different types of sports
They played sports all over Ancient Egypt.
If there was high competition, it would be held at an arena.
18 different types of sports have been discovered.
They range from extremely competitive to gentle an elegant.
Hunting and fishing were most dangerous.
The main risk was animal attacks!
The picture shows three men in a weightlifting competition.
One reason they played sports is to get stronger.
Only the boys and men played sports.
The boys had more time in to play.
Many of their sports are still played today
Some examples are swimming, fishing and hockey.
Some things you will be learning are...
What were their sports like?
Why did they play sports?
Were their sports like ours today?
By: Brett Anderson
How many sports did they play?
p.s. I'm not Einstein, but those were facts !
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