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Texas Repulic and Statehood

No description

jax crossen

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Texas Repulic and Statehood

Texas Republic and Statehood When the Louisiana Territory was purchased by the United States, the U.S. told Spain that they owned the Texas area but Spain said otherwise and when the Adams-Onis Treaty was signed U.S. agreed to drop any further claim to the area. Now Spain tried to get people to move to their land. Spain tried to get people to move to Texas by giving people a lot of land to settle. Later when Mexico became independent, they had the same idea but they had the same problem as Spain. Texas was home to more people from the U.S. then the Mexican settlers. Later the Mexican government passed a decree stopping all immigration from the U.S. and taxed all imported goods from the U.S. The Texans were outraged of these new policies. The citizens depended on trade with the U.S. and some citizens had family and friends who wanted to come to Texas. Lopez de Santa Anna became president of Mexico and later made him dictator and threw away the constitution. The Texans are outraged and they fought against the mexican forces. The mexican forces withdrew and returned to Mexico. The Texans thought they won. The mexican forces Marched to the Alamo. It was a siege, Texans had cannons but lacked gun powder. The Texans where out numbered by thousands. Texans also had brilliant leaders such as Davy Crockett. The mexicans finally broke in after a month of battles and defeated the Texans and killing Davy Crockett. Even though Texas lost it, bought them time. Texas declared independence four days before the Alamo. Some Texas leaders set up temporary government with there first President Commander and chief Sam Houston. Troops, sent by Houston from Goliad, on their way to guard other forts ran in to mexicans and surrendered and where exicuted. Texans called this incident the "Goliad Massacre." Battle of the Alamo Houston moved his small army east about a hundred miles and they waited for the perfect moment to strike. Six weeks after the Alamo, they found their opportunity. After adding some troops he got 900 more soldiers. On April 21st the Texans preeformed a suprise attack on Santa Anna's troops and killed 600 of those troops and captured 700 more- including Santa Anna himself. After The Battle of San Jacinto, Santa Anna signed a treaty that recognized Texas of being independent. Sam Houston was elected president in 1836. Houston sent a delegation to Washington D.C. to annex Texas but Jackson refused. Jackson did so because it would upset the balance of slave and free states in Congress. Despite having rapid growth and population, the republic had many political and economical issues. One problem the Texas republic faced was Mexico going against the treaty and continued to fight with Texas. Another problem Texas faced was the enormous debt they held. Texans had an idea though to solve these problems, annexation with the U.S. The south agreed with the Texans and wanted the annexation but the North disagreed and thought that it would inflame slavery and/or start a war with Mexico. Martin Van Buren, the president of the U.S., disagreed with the annexation of Texas so Texas continued being it's own country for a little bit longer. When John Tyler became the president of the United States he immediately supported the annexation but was denied by the senate over slavery issues. In 1844 campaign manifest destiny grew people demanded Oregon as a state balancing out slavery. Henry Clay opposed the annexation while his opponent James K. Polk supported the annexation. After Polk's victory Congress proposed and passed the resolution to annex Texas. Texas became a state on December 29, 1845. When Texas became a state it had brought immigration to Texas bringing slaves to Texas The Texas flag is still the same sense the republic. Texas is still part of our country today and still home to many historic icons from their revolution.
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