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Music- Bass Guitar

No description

Tess Pilot

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Music- Bass Guitar

By Tess Monaghan The Bass Guitar The bass guitar creates the rhythm/beat in a song. It is a stringed instrument from the Chordophone Family, it is usually played with the thumb or finger by plucking or picking. In appearance, the bass guitar is quite similar to the electric guitar but it has a longer neck and scale length. It can have five, six, or eight strings but the most common is the four- string bass.
The bass guitar is used in many types of music including jazz, fusion, Latin, funk, and some metal and rock styles. The Bass Guitar History Carol Kaye has played with many, many different bands and musicians and is possibly the best female bass player. Unfortunately very few people know who she is. Carol Kaye In the 1930s a musician and instrument inventor from Seattle, Paul Tutmarc, created the first modern electric string bass. In the 1950s both Leo Fender and his employee, George Fullerton, created the first mass produced electric bass. His Fender Precision Bass became the basic model for most electric basses. In the 1960s, Fender introduced their iconic Jazz Bass and the short scale Mustang, made famous by The Rolling Stones. With the Beatles-led surge in poularity of rock music, electric basses were produced by even more manufactures.
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