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SEI - Digital Marketing Plan

No description

Jaydeep Naik

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of SEI - Digital Marketing Plan

Can we plan all this activity under one platform? May Jan Feb Mar Apr 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c SEI - Digital Marketing Plan Audit of SEI - SBS Overview Quick Insights - SBS Yesterday SBS Today Social Media Mangement Looks Cool eh?
But.. How do we measure success ?? Do we Require MONEY ?? What Else?? Thank You Content ,Grammar needs to be revised.
Most of the pages needs to be formatted (Justification, Alignments, Pictures, etc.)
Admission procedure needs to be clearly defined, two clicks access to the inquiry page and / or admission process.
Some not relevant videos of Steve Jobs, bring the learning revolution etc are there, that should be removed.
Faculty pages need to be updated
Placement page needs to be updated with latest figures.

Contact us page can have location maps Poor looks and feel.
content are not optimized
not categorized,
not structured..
not use of proper tags
inbound links are missing Profile not maintained properly, time line looks messy,
posts from other people are also visible on sbs timeline..
Inconsistency in posts,
unscheduled posts
un focused quotes usually in purple text with SCS and SBS logos.
posts in not so potential audience group Website Blog Facebook Twitter Unscheduled tweets
profile page: looks and feel don't look like professional organization, content need to be revised. very few views on testimonials from faculties and students,
however some of the videos have views approx ~200, like mob dance Youtube 28357 People have visited site till today
01:26 Mins Avg visitor spent on over site
41:85% Bounce Rate Website Facebook Likes SBS : 275
SBS- Executive: 100
SEI: 52 Linked In Executive MBA: 145 Connections Youtube Videos: 31
Views: ~4656
Subscribes: 5 Blog: Posts: 197
Total Page Views: 15058
Followers: 34 Google Analytics (GA) is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visits to a website. social media dashboard to manage and measure social networks Visuals of SBS: Yesterday Audience & their most likely Internet surfing Hours SBS , SDS :
Audience: Teenage Ranging From 13 Yrs - 25 Yrs
Surfing Habits: Usually in evening to night weekdays
Morning & evening in weekends
Audience: Career starters / Freshers / Working Professionals 20Yrs - 35Yrs
Surfing Habits: Usually in morning & Evening during office hours on any day
Audience: Every connections (Includes but not limited to, Parents / students / media ) directly or in directly connected with Shanti Education Initiatives like SJ, SAS, SBS, SCS, SDS, Etc.
Surfing Habits: Posting timings Not Required. it can be shared any time a day.. Interior Design Inspiration Students Corner Image Ads - Google Network Targeted ads based on user searching behaviors and demographics Twitter Tweet: 304
Following: 53
Followers: 46 Visitors Inflow
Geographic location
Pages visits
Bounce rates
Document download rates
Facebook metrics
posts reach
Success Ratio can be calculated based on amount we spent in terms of time, enhancement, adv. cost along with increase or decrees in various metrics TIME Post Schedule New Blog Design Presentation platform Social media Manager Ads campaign on google network Targeted portals Jaydeep Naik Executive, Digital Marketing Shanti Business School SEI - Digital Marketing Plan
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