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nubian culture

the age of painki

laura ochoa

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of nubian culture

Index Nubian culture The age of Piankhi was a king, he was important because he began the conquest of lower egypt and united the two kindoms by trade then conquered lower Egypt Nubian Religion included athe belief in afterlife.they supplied their dead with water food and objects needes in te next life were often buried with the dead ,along with statues depicting nubian gods. Religion Goverment Results Piankhi ECONOMY never in the history Nubia had a stable government because all the times they change the law,The rulers, their government officials and full-time craftsmen, lived in the towns, of which the principal one was Meroe itself. Politically the king ruled as an all-powerful, absolute monarch, but there appears to have been a greater element of consent by the people than ever existed in Ancient Egypt. Through the choice of monarch came from within a single royal family, succession was not automatic. It required the agreement of the nobility and the final approval of the priesthood. An unpopular monarch was occasionally removed. the economy of Nubia like
Egypt was totally agrarian,
trough the years the base of
the economy in Nubia is the
agriculture.the Nubian crop that was more dominant was the wheat cultivation but the most important was the durra crop.the nubians use the durra for trade intead of currency by: Maria Gabriela Tapia
Laura Ochoa
Antonia Correa - Piankhi
-Art , technology, materials
-Every day life http://www.eduplace.com/parents/socsci/ca/books/bkf3/reviews/pdfs/LS_6_06_01.pdf the ancient Nubians were polytheist,they had some goods in common with Egyptians.
one of their gods was AMON, this god was represented as ram with a sun disk above his head and they belief that PiankhY was he son. the main jobs are: farmers ranchers merchants soldiers and artisans they were also very important sheeps goats and cows they were used as a source of supply of meat, milk and wool, but were not as important as the crop Technology in Nubia all technology in Nubia were influded by egyptian civilization,they invented a striking architectural style witnessed in their venerated pyramids, especially at Meroe.they make weapons like spear head and they built a pyramid, that mean that the create building material too. Everyday life in this part we are going to talk about Nubians life, like
clothes and diet
her diet consist in:Cattle, sheep, hippos, gazelles, ostriches, geese, and turtles were hunted and slaughtered for food, and the Nile provided a steady supply of fish.
was made from leather, linen, or wool and was often
elaborately decorated with geometric designs or
shiny ornaments made of mica.
Men wore leather loincloths embellished with
elaborate diamond-patterned beadwork.
Women usually wore leather knee-
Length skirts or tunics with
drawstrings and beaded designs at
the waist. Beads were made of
ostrich egg shell, gold, or
silver and were sewn onto

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