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this is a prezi about spain

Sarah Boxall

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of spain

Spain Famous People

Actors Antonio Banderas

He was born on August
the tenth 1960 in Malaga.
He started his career at age 19.
He has been in lots of films
including Shrek and spy kids. Penelope Cruz

She was born on April the
28th 1974 in Madrid . She
started her career at age 15.
She has been in G-Force, Pirates
of the Caribian and Nine. Buildings

Alhambra was built by
charles the 5th and
the holy Roman emperor
in 1527. It was discovered
by scholars and travelers
in the 19th century and now
it's a major tourists atraction in spain. Dances Flamenco

Flamenco dancing was created
in the 15th century . Many of the
dancers were born outside Andelusia.
Dancers must wear a long moranda
or a flowing shawl with fringes.
Women must wear a frilly ruffled dress
and three inch heels. They must also wear
a flower in their hair. Capital City


Madrid is the
third most popular
city in Europe after
Paris and London.
It is located on the
river Manzanares
in the centre of the
country &
comunity of Madrid.

Thank you for watching


The population of Spain is
46661950. Which is almost
the same as Britian.
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