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The conflict between Isreal and Palestine

No description

Amari Mason

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of The conflict between Isreal and Palestine

Pictures and examples of Conflict between Israel and Palestine
History of Israel and Palestine.
The most recent incitement has been the fantastical claim by Palestinian authorities that Israel is planning to tear down al-Aqsa mosque—for which there is no evidence and which Israel has steadfastly denied. In addition, Palestinians are now insisting that Jews, Christians and other “non-believers” no longer be permitted to visit the Temple Mount.
The British Mandate for Palestine.
The administrative control of Palestine was allotted to the British mandate and the territory was named British Mandate for Palestine.In July 1920 the civil administration of the mandate took over military and Jerusalem was made the capital.The mandate for Palestine an historical League of Nations document,laid down the Jewish legal right to settle anywhere in western Palestine,a 10,000 square miles area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.
The rise of Zionism.
Between 1897 and 1949 there were competing promises for the Jews and Arabs in regards to land, and the Zionists employed shady and oppressive colonialist policies to give the Jews a more recognized and assertive claim to Palestinian land. The Zionists also had the advantage of having financial support from the most far-reaching and powerful banking empire in the world, the House of Rothschild. Zionism asserted political, economic, and cultural dominance over Palestine in the first half the 20th century, which ultimately led to the mass exodus of Palestinians from their homes between 1948 and 1949. Since then, the Palestinians have endured horrendous atrocities and mistreatment as Israel systematically acquires Palestinian land.
Questions about Israel and Palestine.
What happened to many Jews after the Romans stopped a Revolt in Jerusalem?
Answers about Israel and Palestine
When in 135 ce the Roman Empire defeated the third revolt against its rule and consequently expelled the surviving Jews.
The rise of Zionism.
The Conflict Between Israel and Palestine
By Samir, Mahassain, Amari, Andrew Lamont, Zahmir, Izahia, and Kyeem
What was the province renamed? When did it become part of the Ottoman Empire?
What is Zionism? Why was it created?
When did Britain capture part of the Middle East? What is Balfour Declaration?
How did Arabs react to Jewish immigration?Why do you think they reacted in this way?
The province was renamed Palestine it became part of the ottoman Empire in 1516.
It is a National and political movement to restore the land of Israel.
The Britain captured part of Middle East during World War1.A Balfour Declaration is a Jewish National home.
They react by reducing with increasing resistance of Arab inhabitants of Palestine.I think they did this because they were tired of being forced out of their home.
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