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20% Products Produce Student Engagement

No description

Jim Rowley

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of 20% Products Produce Student Engagement

Flow chart
"The Pitch" Pitch your problem/project that you want to solve/work on.
- No solutions - you must research the problem first.
-The pitch is a grade opportunity. Use of a rubric may be beneficial.
Parent letter- Parent night

20% Projects Produce
Student Engagement and Creativity
My classroom needs to change!
To be engaging and relevant.
How can we do this in a meaningful way?
20% project
Genius Hour.
Typical 20% project
flow chart
Begin with a driving question. What do they wonder about?
Interesting to them= buy in!
Hardest to develop. Not a google answered question/problem! This can take several class periods.
Come up with a project that is of interest to you. Will hold your attention for a long period of time.
Key: Student interest- not teacher directed
Teams or individuals- Must be similar in interest- direction.
Why 20% projects?
20% explained
Varied approaches
-Complete Autonomy
own topics, timeline, products, presentation
guided toward topic, scheduled timeline, similar products, etc.

20% = one day /week
Fridays in my classroom
20% Projects Produce Student Engagement and Creativity
Inspire Creativity!
Find what drives you! Your students!
Sir Ken Robinson
Dan Pink
3M - 1950's

15% time
Produced post it notes and masking tape.
Google - 20% time for employee creativity
-Gmail, adsense, google news
a significant amount of Google products
Student projects:
The solution/
Final product
Students then work to answer the driving question/problem/project.
Action portion
Bring awareness

Project Flow continued
Develop a step by step process.
Begin to research the topic or problem you desire to solve.
Stay on task- Accountability
Students can keep notes in several areas:
Google docs
lesson paths
live binders
Presentation tools

Research and create
Create New Technologies
Build a new product
Recipes for healthy eating

Possible projects
New Idea to develop
Something they want to try
Develop a new tool
Create something-Art
Project Completion
Project presentation
Parent night
5 min TED style video
Share product - Failure is an option!
Reflections along the way.
-Especially at end of project
Benefits of 20% projects
Student engagement and enjoyment
Increased Teacher/Student collaboration
Increased student creativity & engagement
Increased student motivation
Common Core Standards met
Reading Research with inquiry
Analyze and apply with inquiry
Writing and presenting with inquiry
Create and evaluate with inquiry
Math Critique MP3 Modeling MP 4
All areas of curriculum
Creative and innovative thinking skills
Flow naturally out of PBL
Skills- as important as knowledge

How about us?
Reflections- Important part of the puzzle

Innovations in your classroom.
Dare to be different!
Text while driving
Plants grown in alternate soils
Bio slime elimination
Colony collapse disorder
Football helmet design
Jim Rowley
Rochester Intermediate
Rochester, IL.
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