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Fashion Sketchbook

By Swetha Ganeshkumar

Swetha G

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Fashion Sketchbook

Fashion Collection
By Swetha Ganeshkumar
The Golden Touch completes the look
Formal Egyption Diva
Collage of Colors make it pop and look nutruel
A Gloomy Day in a Cafe
A easy outfit for a day on the beach
Beach Girl
Animals prints jazz up any outfit
The Streets of New York
Casual Geek Chic
Don't be afraid to mix up colors, just make sure to use the color wheel to guide you
Creamy Choco Afternoon
The shades of Brown make it look more soothing
Modern Cowgirl
The boots and accessories flavor the traditional outfit
Formal in Vegas
The sparkly jeans and shoes give the formal outfit a kick
Morning in Paris
The Pink and White make the outfit look softer and more girly.
Modern Princess
The Silver makes the outfit more sophisticated but girly
By Sophia Rajan
Cozy Summer day in the Jungle
The shades of the green make the outfit pop and look nature-like
Work in the Savannah
The Cheetah Print make the traditional work dress a little more fun
The sparkles make the outfit more fun, but the white tones done the sparkles to balance out the outfit
Alicia Rivira
School Girl Next Door
This classic school girl outfit is perfect for any girl who wants to go to school on style
Day in Spring
Flower pattern makes the outfit look more spring-like
The Girl Sherlock Holmes
The Tan accesories make the outfit look more polished
Summer Cutie
Orange makes the outfit more sunny
Sunday Morning at the Market
By Mridula Arun
Walking in Rome
The gray accents the pale pink to round out the outfit
Party in LA
This outfit is perfect for shopping, and is chic enough for Beverly Hils Too!
Rainy Day in April
The flowers make the look more cheery
Beverly Hills Shopping
Massie Block
Kristen Gregory
Walkin' on the Boardwalk
Campin in Style
Dylan Marvil
Fun on the Red Carpet
The owl necklace gives the outfit a fun touch
Atlantic Boardwalk
The sea green makes the outfit seem sea related.
Night or Day at the Carnival
Cool in April
Retro Chic
The Polka dots and the pearls are very '50s
The nuetrel colors make the outfit serene
Flying to Pardise
The bird print and the feather earrings make the clever and springy outfit.
Geek in the City
The collar of the shirts make the the outfit look Geekly Chic
Spring Darkness
The dark blazer makes the outfit more suitable for dark and gloomy days.
Modern Grecian
Zebra Chic
The patterns might seem oerwhelming, but the soft pink and black soften it out.
Casual Party
This look is pretty enough for a party, but looks like you are not trying to hard
The light blue tunic gives the look an ariy feel, the gold accesories complete the Greek look.
The versatile outfit can be worn day or night
Light and Dark
Casual Chic
This is the perfect outfit for a day out with your girls
Queen of the Board
The checkered pattern remiinds me of Chess, and the Queen has a regal aura, just like this outfit.
Designer Chic
Vintage Designer
The lace gives the outft a vintage feel, and its all designer too!
The Queen of England
The plaid makes th outfit look Engish, and the plum rounds out the outfit
Alice and Olivia
Stylish Jailer
This outfit was inspired by the Massie option on her quiz
The striped and orange gives it a jailer look but the pink adds some funk to it
Wedding Chic
This dress is perfect for foraml events and the lace gloves add a liitle personality to the look.
Theory of Winter
This is a super stylish outfit for any time of the year, add tights to complete the outfit in the winter
Midnight Bo-Ho Chic
The tie die skirt and the loose blouse makes the outfit look 1970's
Flower Chic
This ensamble is totally sophiticated but girly too
Audrey Hephurn
This reminds me of the classic Audrey Hephburn look.
Bo-Ho Safari
This outfit reminds me of a BoHo Chic Safari Look
Winter in NYC
This wintery look is chic and designer!
Elegant Princess
This look gives off the elegant, princess vibe, but can be worn for some other occasion as well.
Juicy Sailor Girl
This outfit remids me of a sailor theme, the cute bow and the faboulous red pumps I found makes the outfit versatile and cute.
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