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Harward Center for Community Partnerships

General presentation about the HCCP at Bates College.

Kristen Cloutier

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of Harward Center for Community Partnerships

The Numbers
documented hours of academically-based community work were given by
Bates students through courses, theses and independent studies (AY 2012-2013).
The Stories
documented hours of volunteer service were given by Bates students during the academic year. More than
students participated in a volunteer activity that required a consistent time commitment (AY 2012-2013).
students did
hours of community work over the summer, locally and nationally (AY 2012-2013).
Tree Street Youth
currently serves between 120-150 youth in grades K-12 daily at their after-school program Monday through Friday. Students receive homework help, tutoring, safe-space mentoring, and the opportunity to participate in enrichment programs such as dance, step, cooking, art, and college prep.
Tree Street
is also the host to over 100
Bates College
students who are participating in community-based learning and volunteer activities. According to
Tree Street
founder Julia Sleeper,
Bates College
class of 2008, "
Tree Street
could not function if it were not for our amazing
students. They serve as tutors, helpers, advice givers, supervisors, enrichment teachers, and perhaps most importantly, motivators to help youth develop a vision for their futures.
Tree Street
is as much theirs as it is the kids'."
Now in its fifth year, the
Bonner Leader Program
provides students the opportunity to work with community partners in the Lewiston/Auburn area. For six hours each week, current
tutor and mentor in local schools and after-school programs, garden, work with adult refugees, and participate in programming for senior citizens.
spend an additional two hours each week in skill-building workshops on topics such as grant-writing, effective tutoring, and conflict resolution. The four-year leadership program has grown in popularity, with over 10% of last year’s incoming class applying for seven slots in the program. While we currently have a cohort of 28 students, we hope to eventually provide opportunities for 40 students, 10 in each class.
Harward Center
advances the College's commitment to cultivating informed
civic action
through reciprocal and sustained
that connect the College and the
. These partnerships meet community needs, enhance academic work, and develop
student leaders
who are empowered to enact
social and environmental change
. We foster sensitivity and confidence to engage
and encourage
collaborative inquiry
into issues of
Bates College Coastal Center at Shortridge
provides opportunities for field studies in coastal environments and for student and faculty retreats. The
Shortridge Summer Residency
allows students to live at a coastal field station while doing thesis research or community-based internships at
Bates-Morse Mountain
or within the larger Kennebec Estuary region. Since the inception of the
Shortridge Summer Residency
in 2009, 30 students have lived at
over the summer months. They have surveyed stream crossings for a local land trust, identified geologic anomalies, studied changing coastal processes, offered community presentations, kayaked, surfed, gone fishing and more.
visitors came to the Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area during the 2013 gate-keeping season (190 days).
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