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Comparative Religion Cult Project

No description

mitch joy

on 8 September 2012

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Transcript of Comparative Religion Cult Project

Comparative Religions New Religious
Movements (Cult)
Project In groups We will be creating prezi
presentations of NRMs
that you choose. a) Heaven’s Gate
b) Scientology
c) Solar Temple
d) Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God
e) Branch Davidians
f) Charles Manson and the Family
g) The Wesson Family
h) HareKrishna List of New (and old) Religious Movements i) The Aetherius Society
j) Cao Daism
k) The Church of Satan
l) The Church of Set
m) Falun Gong
n) Jeffrey Lundgren
o) TheUnificationChurch (Reverend Moon)
p) Aum Shinrikyo
q) Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
r) Raëlian Church Your Presentations Must Answer The Following Questions 1) What is the name of your cult/nrm & who is in your group?
2) When did it start and who is the leader?
3) What were/are the main beliefs of this religious sect?
4) How many followers do/did they have and how do they get followers?
5) What did/does one need to do to get into this cult?
6) Are they still active? What major established religion are/were they associated with?
7) Why is this group considered a cult? Answer based on class notes
8) What tools do they use? Answer based on class notes (on edline)
9) Has there been any recent news about this cult? Include images & videos Where do I start? answer each of these questions in a different area of your prezi like this 5) What did/does one need to do to get into this cult?
showed interest
joined & sold home
give $ to church
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