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No description

James Carlson

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of JST and ACC

the opportunity to open up as a couple
the opportunity to be adventurous as a family and learn new skills
I now feel better about myself, improved self-esteem, a new understanding of how important social connection is to recovery and enjoying life this sailing activity kick-started my confidence to engage in ongoing adventure challenges
I realised that I need to slow down and enjoy the present moment and move away from the ADF mind-set of being ‘mission-focussed’
improved social networks
how good it is to receive support and share strategies to other mates and their family members
I have developed good friendships during the challenge I hope will be longstanding
the Challenge forced me to socialise which pushed me to connect with others and now I feel I can be more social in normal life in a deeper and more meaningful way
meeting new people and realising I am not alone and have the support of family, other mates and and M4M
experienced teamwork as a family and as part of the larger family of Mates
improved self-confidence
I learned to chill out and use quiet time effectively
I know have a belief in myself that I can try new hobbies/adventures
I felt I fitted in with the team and got to know myself a little bit more in the quiet and reflective as only the ocean can do
improved confidence in managing hardships
it allowed partners to connect with their ex-serving partners in real time and out of their normal PTSD presentations
it allowed us to work in cooperation with our partners which is unique to our normal interactions
this Challenge forced socialisation with people I didn’t know and wouldn’t usually talk to which has improved my social skills and social confidence
the Challenge gave me better insight into the issues veterans and their families face and opened my awareness of PTSD which initiated me into action regarding connecting into veterans I know and referring them to M4Ms.
the challenge pushed me into a mindset of teamwork and I learned that it was ok to relay on others for help
I realised that what I am experiencing due to discharge (from the ADF) and transition is normal and I am not alone
pushing myself in a supported and safe environment
I enjoyed being around young people and this adventure revived my engagement in social activities both with M4Ms and in normal life
Why ACC and JST makes
an impactful partnership

Established NZ Charity
Establish a syndicate of partners
Identify individuals who would most benefit
Lead the conversation in the NZ community
Greater sustainability
New partnerships
Strengthening individuals,
strengthening communities

Join us...
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